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Here A Foal, There A Foal

In my posts the past couple of weeks, I’ve mentioned that there are new foals at the beach at Carova. Unconfirmed reports are saying four or five little ones have already been born this season.

So, each trip we make, I’ve been anxious to catch a glimpse (and take a bajillion pics) of those sweet babies.

And, recently, we’ve been fortunate to see some (if not ALL) of them. This is Renzi*, the firstborn of the season. If you missed my post about how Renzi got his name, click here.

I especially love these next pics, taken near day’s end.  I believe this is the second baby of the year, sweet Rosie*. This is either Dad (or an “auntie” from the same harem) teaching Rosie all about the ocean.

Family photo: Mom’s tailing blowing in the wind almost looks like Rosie has an exceptionally LONG mane.

Names have been announced for only two of the new babies: Renzi  and Rosie.

I THINK we’ve seen babies # 3 and #4*.

This sweet one has a similar forehead marking to Rosie, but it’s just a bit different, plus she has a lighter color that Rosie doesn’t have down the left side of her face.

And this little boy with just the tiniest facial marking. He is SO cute.

And frisky! It was fun to watch him trot off with mom and dad.

*I am so confused about all the little ones, I can’t guarantee that my info in this post is entirely correct.

But, hopefully, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund will post pics of the newest babies soon, so I’ll be able to properly identify them in the future.

It’s a population boom in Carova! And we are loving it.

~These Days Of Mine~




Mom And Babe

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared photos of my the Corolla wild horses, so today’s the day.

The ultimate thrill is to see them down by the ocean, second “prize” is to spot them on one of the dunes.  But, even when they’re not in either of those places, it’s still possible to get some good shots.

We saw this group “hanging out” near one of the beach houses on one of our recent trips.

horses 1 9-10-2015 1-42-21 PM

Shortly after I took that photo, I noticed the mom and little one (far right) nuzzling.

horses 2 9-10-2015 1-42-43 PM

But, for awhile, it seemed that either the other horses kept me from getting a good picture, or Mom was blocking the little one’s head.

babe and mom 9-10-2015 1-43-11 PM

Finally, my patience paid off, and I got the picture I wanted.

mombabe 9-10-2015 1-44-43 PM

And another one with the baby’s mouth open just a little. “Look, Mommy, she’s taking our picture. I think I’ll smile for her.”

mombabe2 9-10-2015 1-44-45 PM

Then, something (not us) spooked the entire group.  This next picture was taken just 9 seconds after the previous one. We were a fair distance away in the safety of our vehicle. They didn’t run far before stopping…

mombabe running 9-10-2015 1-44-52 PM

…just to the other side of the beach house, where they continued with the cuddling.

mombabe againa9-10-2015 1-45-26 PM 9-10-2015 1-45-26 PM 9-10-2015 1-45-26 PM

It was a sweet moment between mom and babe that I was pleased to capture.

~These Days Of  Mine~

8 Photos Of Happiness

Today, I’m participating in the blog meme: “Eight Photos Of Happiness”. I’m not playing entirely by the rules, but the idea is to post eight photos – the photos can be anything that represents  a moment, object, place or feeling that makes you happy AND a brief description of why you chose it .

So here goes!

1.) It should come as no surprise that spending time with my two guys make me very happy.

us 3 6-16-2015 9-46-30 AM

2.) My extended family makes me happy, and yes, so do memories of good times with my late sister, June.

connor donna june barb 7-15-2013 12-01-33 PM

3.) Bev and I became friends 35+ years ago.  A friendship that lasts that long has seen lots of happiness.

bev and db

4.) Shirley and Donna (on either side of me) are former classmates. We lost touch for many years before reconnecting.  And Linda is a former co-worker and  mutual friend.  We’re happy!

fun 6-4-2015 6-41-12 PM

5.) Our kitties bring Motor Man and me happiness: Sundae for 4 years now.

sundae 5-10-2015 10-28-52 AM

6.) And Gypsy for two years.  This face could make anyone happy.


7.) “My” wild horses at the Outer Banks… (sigh).

knotted mane 7-10-2015 10-09-40 AM

8.) And, last but not least, I never really paid sunrises and sunsets any mind until Motor Man and I were together, but now, I know how beautiful they can be.  Seeing a sunrise at the beach is just icing on the cake.

sunrise best 8-10-2015 6-40-38 AM


The rules for the “Happiness” meme require naming ten bloggers to participate, but I’ll just leave it open for anyone who’d like to play along. You should try it, it’s fun to think of people, places and things that make you happy!

~These Days Of Mine~

Rainy Day On The Beach

Last Sunday was a rainy one on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. But since Motor Man and I had never ridden on the beach in the rain, we decided to give it a try.

No sunrise today.

Because of the strong surf, there was quite a bit of beach erosion.

It was certainly different from any of our previous drives on the beach.

We decided that most of the horses were “sleeping in”, because we only saw a few, including this one, who obviously wasn’t interested in having his picture taken.

This is a large sand dune, just off the “beach road”, known as Penny’s Hill. Motor Man says drag races took place there years ago. It’s a pretty area, even on a less than perfect weather day.

The scenery reminded of a romantic movie. I’ve never seen Nights At Rodanthe, but it kept coming to mind, although we were miles north of the town of Rodanthe.

At one point, the sun came out briefly and reflected on the waves, just as a flock of seagulls was taking flight.

Usually, we’re on the lookout for horses on the dunes and watching the sunrise over the ocean. But since we didn’t have either last week, I decided to keep an eye out for interesting seashells as we drove along the beach. Probably because of the heavy surf, I found quite a few, including several conch shells.

The shells are nice, but I’m hoping we’ll have a sunrise and horses on our next trip.