Here A Foal, There A Foal

In my posts the past couple of weeks, I’ve mentioned that there are new foals at the beach at Carova. Unconfirmed reports are saying four or five little ones have already been born this season.

So, each trip we make, I’ve been anxious to catch a glimpse (and take a bajillion pics) of those sweet babies.

And, recently, we’ve been fortunate to see some (if not ALL) of them. This is Renzi*, the firstborn of the season. If you missed my post about how Renzi got his name, click here.

I especially love these next pics, taken near day’s end.  I believe this is the second baby of the year, sweet Rosie*. This is either Dad (or an “auntie” from the same harem) teaching Rosie all about the ocean.

Family photo: Mom’s tailing blowing in the wind almost looks like Rosie has an exceptionally LONG mane.

Names have been announced for only two of the new babies: Renzi  and Rosie.

I THINK we’ve seen babies # 3 and #4*.

This sweet one has a similar forehead marking to Rosie, but it’s just a bit different, plus she has a lighter color that Rosie doesn’t have down the left side of her face.

And this little boy with just the tiniest facial marking. He is SO cute.

And frisky! It was fun to watch him trot off with mom and dad.

*I am so confused about all the little ones, I can’t guarantee that my info in this post is entirely correct.

But, hopefully, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund will post pics of the newest babies soon, so I’ll be able to properly identify them in the future.

It’s a population boom in Carova! And we are loving it.

~These Days Of Mine~




8 responses to “Here A Foal, There A Foal

  1. Sweet babies and families…..hope everyone is healthy – they sure look happy and this just gives you more photo ops!


  2. Awesome, incredible, cuddly pictures!!!!

  3. Now this is a successful day !! Great weather and spotting the newest additions.. Everywhere a foal, foal .. ; )

  4. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Wow, I do love the ponies!!! So cute and fun. I have not doubt you had a ball taking their pics.

  5. These are so wonderful! So majestic and cuddly at the same time.

  6. (I’ve been trying to comment off and on and it’s either a duplicate or doesn’t post at all) – but these are such wonderful photos. So majestic and so cuddly at the same time. Love the lesson about the ocean the little one gets.

  7. Oh, you had a productive day seeing all of those babies!! Love it!

  8. What a wonderful population boom. Hoping that all stay healthy and grow up. There’s just something about the young in the Spring. I’ve always loved seeing the young calves in the pastures in the Spring also. Great pictures that you’ve gotten of this year’s crop.

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