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While We Wait….

Well, winter storm #2 is scheduled to hit us later today.   The weather folks are guessing predicting 2-5 inches for our immediate area. Or 7-10 inches, depending on which tv station you watch.

I can’t help but think that, if my mother were here, she’d have a pretty good idea of what to expect. She’d either say that she wasn’t “studyin’ {worrying} about that storm”, meaning that the storm won’t amount to anything. Or she’d say: “Papa used to say when you see {insert reference to some sign in nature}, we were going to have a heavy snow”, meaning we’d better batten down the hatches.

Yesterday, our high temp was 63. Around sunset, I happened to glance out the window, and immediately ran to get the camera out of my car.

As soon as I stepped out of the door, I took this first picture. I was afraid the sun would slip below those dark clouds, and I’d lose that gorgeous golden light on the marsh.

marina1a 1-27-2014 4-54-23 PM 1-27-2014 4-54-23 PM

 I’ve taken dozens, maybe hundreds, of photos of the marina in all sorts of weather (and shared many of them with you), but I’ve never seen the colors as vivid as they were yesterday afternoon.

marina 1-27-2014 4-55-10 PM

And the entire time I was taking pictures, these friends were waiting impatiently for corn. (I fed them an extra amount to fortify them for the storm.)

duckies 1-27-2014 4-55-33 PM

The light was changing quickly; the dark blues were becoming more aqua.

snow clouds2 1-27-2014 4-55-26 PM

Quite a change in our weather today. This morning, it’s 26.

And now, we watch and wait…

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Another week, another Friday, another Random Five Friday. Here’s what’s happening in my world this week.

1.) We had a winter storm Tuesday afternoon/evening, resulting in an inch or two of snow. Motor Man and I took a little drive Wednesday morning to check out our local scenery. This is Jericho Road, one of the little streets in our town.

jericho rd 1-21-2014 10-00-30 PM

2.) It’s been a busy week of lunches with former classmates and co-workers. That’s probably the best thing about being (semi) retired; having the freedom to get together with friends.

3.) Last night we celebrated the birthday of one of Motor Man’s sisters. Her two granddaughters were there. This is Lily, who really wasn’t posing in this picture. Precious.

lily2 1-23-2014 4-43-17 AM

And this is Lily with big sister, Livy. Can you tell we had spaghetti for dinner?

lily and livy 1-23-2014 5-37-33 AM

4.) In kitty news, next week,  Gypsy will begin writing an occasional post here, titled “Gypsy’s Journal”. Perhaps she’ll explain what Motor Man did not long after this photo of her “hangover” was taken.

gyps hangover 1-21-2014 11-36-40 AM

And Sundae will have some big news next week, too.

5. Motor Man and I are planning a little get-away for one weekend next month. Anyone care to guess what type of trip we’re hoping to take….? Hint: it’s the same type trip we were on when the photo on my sidebar was taken.

What randomness would you care to share this Friday?

~These Days Of Mine~