Random Five Friday

Another week has come to an end, and with it, five random thoughts:

1.) We had a cold front breeze through our area Wednesday evening. I was outside, taking pictures of the sunset. I think we had four drops of rain, and a rainbow!

marina and rainbow 4-22-2015 7-13-31 PM

2.) This from Motor Man regarding Sundae’s post on Wednesday: “The law firm of Dewey, Cheatham and Howe” representing Sundae, announced that a flea bargain has been made in this case.” (I can hear the groans from here….)

3.) Last year, my friend, Linda, gave me a white hydrangea for my birthday. I was concerned about it surviving the winter. Not only did it survive, but it’s covered in blooms. Thanks again, Linda!

white hydrangea1 4-21-2015 6-26-44 AM

4.) My hummingbird feeder has been up for about 10 days, and Wednesday, I spotted the first one of the season.  Last year was my first time to feed the hummingbirds, and I’d forgotten what a thrill it is to see those tiny beauties. I’m glad they’re back.

1st hummie 4-22-2015 6-49-39 AM

5.) Motor Man and I had dinner with friends last night. Laughter was involved.

4 of us 4-23-2015 7-34-43 PM

I hope there’s laughter in your weekend.

~These Days Of Mine~

My Spring Must-Haves

One of the prompts for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop this week is:

1. Write a list of your top Spring must-haves.

And, as usual, my must-haves for spring all involve plants.  I’ll limit the list here to five:

1.) Mexican petunia, sweet potato vine and “whatever-that-little-vine-is-with-the-tiny-yellow-flowers”.

mexican petunia

2.) My beloved Black-eyed Susan vine:

real black eyed susan

3.) Purslane.

hanging purslane 8-9-2014 12-41-03 PM


…which, by the way, I like so much, I’ll probably have it in more than one place in the yard.

purslane in coffeepot and mini birdbath 8-9-2014 12-47-22 PM

4.) This gorgeous plant with tiny red flowers. (Sorry, I can’t recall the name.)

red flower vine 2 8-9-2014 12-48-18 PM

5.) And, finally, I’m going to, once again, try to grow nasturtiums.  My mom planted them in window boxes, and I remember how pretty they were. My only attempt was in 2013, and shortly after I took this photo, this one died.  But a friend has offered to give me pointers, so I’m trying again, hopefully with more success this time.



So,  if you’ll excuse me, I’m commandeering Motor Man’s pick-up this morning and I’m off to the nursery.

Mama’s Losin’ It

 ~These Days Of Mine~

Ladies And Gentlemen…

…of the jury. I am Sundae, the calico, and my job today is to convince you that a mature kitty can be just as adorable as a younger one, namely a certain “Miss Gypsy“.

Allow me to present Exhibit A. (Please note the sweet position of the front paws.)


And Exhibit B. (The uplifted chin is a definite sign of cuteness.)


 And Exhibit C. (No explanation needed.)


I rest my case.

Respectfully yours,

~These Days Of Mine~

Gypsy, Our Entertainer

Some of my favorite pictures are those that I get quite by accident.

As in the case of this one I took Sunday afternoon of Gypsy.


She had jumped in my lap and curled around to get comfy. Then she turned on her back with her head hanging over my knees. I wondered what she would do if I stretched out my legs.  She was completely content, so Motor Man took a picture with his cell phone. (It was a rainy day, and we were only at the shop for a few minutes, thus my rain coat.)


 I decided to use my phone to take a shot from a different angle, and just as I took the picture, she raised her head and her front paws.


Thanks for the smile, Gyp-Gyp: this is one of our favorites.

~These Days Of Mine~

“A Beautiful Spectacle”

Yesterday morninng, when I opened the curtains, I immediately went for the camera. Rather than write a description for each photo, I’m just going to caption each one with the time it was taken. This will show how quickly the sky changed.


sunrise1 4-19-2015 6-42-12 AM


sunrise2 4-19-2015 6-42-43 AM


sunrise3 4-19-2015 6-43-04 AM


sunrise4 4-19-2015 6-44-17 AM


sunrise7 4-19-2015 6-45-23 AM

It’s a perfect example of why I love to get up early, and a reminder of a quote that I recently discovered:

When you do something noble and beautiful and nobody noticed, do not be sad. For the sun every morning is a beautiful spectacle and yet most of the audience still sleeps.”                ~John Lennon

~These Days Of  Mine~

Random Five Friday: Mom

Something a bit different this week for R5F. Today would have been my mom’s birthday, so I thought I’d share five random thoughts about her.

goggie myrtle beach-1

1.) Mom was born April 17, 1910, the third oldest of 12 children in a poor, but loving, hard-working family.  This is the only photo I’ve ever seen of her as a child. The girl in the middle in the dark dress was my Mom’s oldest sister, and my mom is to her right. This photo was taken prior to the births of the two youngest children. (My poor, poor grandmother….)

young ellis family-1

2.) My parents were married in 1929, she was 19, he was 30. A few years later, my two sisters were born 15 months apart. Then 15 years later, the family was surprised to learn that I was on the way.

donnie and willie front 1-22-2010 3-56-037

3.)  I  recall Mom always struggling with her weight. So I was surprised (and pleased) to find this undated photo of her in a swimsuit. (Motor Man says, judging by the cars, it was probably in the 1930’s.) Mom’s on the left, and those are two of her sisters with her.


4.) My dad died when I was an infant, and Mom never remarried. When I became a teenager and had opportunities to go out with friends or on dates, she could have made me feel guilty for leaving her alone. But she never did. She would say: “I’ve lived my life, it’s time for you to live yours. Go whenever you have the chance.”  What a gift that was that she gave me.

mom dianne wedding day 2-11-2015 6-53-45 PM.bmp-001

5.)  May 5 will be the 20th anniversary of Mom’s death.  We were blessed to have her in our lives until she was 85.  Rarely a day goes by that I don’t recall one of her sayings or something she taught me or wish that I could ask her something.

donnie -nursing home 6-28-2010 8-10-7

Happy Birthday, Mom.

~These Days Of Mine~

Easter Recap

One of Mama Kat’s Writing Prompts this week is “Easter Recap”.

We spent Easter afternoon at the home of one of Motor Man’s sisters. There was ample food, including this creative “Peep” cake made by one of our nieces. It wasn’t actually made of Peeps, but rather, was a delicious lemon cake.

peep cake 4-5-2015 11-59-40 AM

The weather was beautiful, which enabled the little ones to play outside.  While waiting for time to hunt eggs, other uses for the Easter “buckets” were found.

livy easter bucket 4-5-2015 1-04-27 PM

Finally, it was time for the hunt! Photographers had to be quick to get a picture before the action began.

little ones and easter basket 4-5-2015 1-06-16 PM

Afterward, there were hugs among cousins:

lily christian hugging 4-5-2015 1-01-38 PM

And a little “Happy” time in the bounce house.

No egg-hunting or bounce house for Motor Man and me; we were just spectators, enjoying family and the sunshine.

db jr steps 4-5-2015 1-46-36 PM

Mama’s Losin’ It

~These Days Of Mine~