Random Five Friday

It has been rather quiet ’round here this week, but I finally found five little bits of random to share.

1.) While many of you are having snow and ice, we’ve had several foggy mornings recently.

fog 1-12-2015 2-32-28 PM

2.) This beautiful, hungry creature has decided that my liriope plants are free for the munching.  (Photo taken through our bedroom window.)

deer 1-19-2015 4-04-29 PM

3.) Since it’s been awhile since I’ve shared a photo of Gypsy, here’s one from earlier this week of her and her Motor Man. They were having a little chat.

gyp and jr-001

4.) Jeff Gordon announced that he’ll retire after this racing season. Although he has his critics (who doesn’t), Motor Man and I have always “pulled for him”.  I took this photo at Charlotte Motor Speedway in 1998 or ’99.


5.) I love it when someone corresponds with me after discovering my blog through an internet search. This week, I was contacted by a gentleman who lives in Georgia. He suspects that we “share” a common ancestor: our 8th great grandfather. But he’s hit a snag in his research, and asked if I could help. So I pulled out my family genealogy information and several books, including “Old Surry” and “Colonial Surry” and did some studying last night. I found one little tidbit that just may be of some help to him. I’ll keep you posted.

genealogy books 1-23-2015 6-09-47 AM

~These Days Of Mine~

Sea Glass…In Winter!

Back in the summer months, when my friend, Bev, and I would go “shelling” (searching for sea glass), we’d laugh and say: “When winter comes, we’re going to look at the weather forecast and say something like: ‘Well, next Tuesday, it’s supposed to be 50, maybe we can go then'”.

Believe it or not, we’ve averaged a sea glass search about once a week all winter…so far. We dress in layers, wear ear muffs and those little fingerless gloves and choose a day that’s sunny with very little wind. We really haven’t been uncomfortable on any of our trips.

This week, I had a particularly fruitful search:

sea glass1 1-21-2015 6-05-57 PM

To give you an idea of  size:

sea glass2 1-21-2015 6-06-36 PM

Finding amethyst is rare, so that’s always fun. The green shard is nice, but the blue is my treasure for the week. That’s the first time I’ve ever found blue. There probably isn’t enough there to research what it originally was, but the letters “LK” are visible, as if they were at the end of a word….”milk”, perhaps?

The clear piece is obviously from a soda bottle. I couldn’t get a good picture of it, but the bottle is swirled with what was a word beginning with the letters “Che”.  Bev found a Chero-cola bottle several months ago, so I began with a search of those bottles. And even though mine is just a shard, I believe it’s from a 1923 bottle.

chero cola

internet photo

One of the reasons we enjoy looking for sea glass is just imagining what the pieces we find could have been. We usually have no idea how old the shards are, so it’s amazing to learn that this little worn piece of glass has possibly been around for 92 years.

Now, I must go check the long range weather forecast for next week…

~These Days Of Mine~

Beauty After The Rain

After Sunday’s rain, early Monday morning was exceptionally beautiful.

morning1 1-19-2015 7-42-38 AM

Thankfully, I glanced out the window and saw the waiting photo op.

morning 1-19-2015 7-42-40 AM

Love that golden hour…

morning2 1-19-2015 7-42-44 AM

“My” duckies were happy to see me outside taking pictures; they knew breakfast would be served shortly.

ducks 1-19-2015 7-44-32 AM

Perhaps the rain helps us appreciate a sunny day even more than we otherwise would.

~These Days Of Mine~

My Purchase

I must apologize for yesterday’s tease about what I bought at the antique mall Sunday.

The apology isn’t necessarily for teasing, but rather for leading anyone to think that I made a substantial purchase.

In fact, I bought something small and inexpensive: this little woven “mat”. It is, I’m sure, a reproduction of cloth from colonial times.

woven mat 1-19-2015 2-46-13 PM

You see, for Christmas, Marshall gave me this charming little drying/display rack. Each of the “arms” opens out like the one shown.

display 1-19-2015 2-46-08 PM

He had originally thought I might use it in the laundry room, but I like it better in the guest bath, and I needed something to hang on one of the arms. I think the fabric coordinates nicely with the navy in the patchwork wallpaper border.

vanity and border 1-19-2015 3-46-50 PM

For those of you who, like me, love to browse in antique/thrift shops, I’m sure you agree that it isn’t necessarily how much you spend or even IF you buy anything on those trips.   Just looking is fun….and finding a treasure, however inconsequential, is a bonus.

~These Days Of Mine~

Rainy Days And Sundays…

…were one and the same yesterday, at least for part of the day.  Motor Man and I decided to visit an antique mall in Williamsburg and rode the ferry linking Surry County to Jamestown.

It poured rain for most of our trip there, including part of the approximately 20 minute ferry ride.  But, the skies were beginning to clear just a little as we met the other ferry, making the return trip from Jamestown to Scotland Wharf in Surry.

ferry and buoy 1-18-2015 12-06-45 PM

We thought the setting was particularly striking yesterday for the Jamestown Church Tower (c. 1690’s). It appeared to be wearing a rain bonnet as it undergoes restoration.

 jamestown church 1-18-2015 12-08-40 PM

Browsing through the antique mall seemed more nostalgic than usual. I saw sheet music for Winter Wonderland and Silver Bells, and recalled playing those songs on the piano many years ago.

I also spotted a book of stories by O. Henry and glanced through it for  The Last Leaf (and found it).  I recall that from school days, as well as O. Henry’s surprise endings.

The music in the mall is mostly instrumental, with an occasional Johnny Mathis, Brooke Benton and the like… it provides the perfect atmosphere.

The weather was much improved for our return trip, where, as usual, a gull greeted us as we boarded the ferry.

seagull 1-18-2015 2-42-30 PM

Did I purchase anything at the mall, you may ask.  Tune in tomorrow!

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

In today’s R5F, I’m sharing a few pictures of our “mini” ice storm this week. I’m sure those of you who experience REAL winter weather will have a chuckle at our version.

1.) It’s been windy and nasty recently, so I had taken our garden flag off the pole. The ice decorated the pole itself – no need for a flag.

flag pole icicles 1-14-2015 11-00-01 AM

2.) Motor Man snapped this of one of our crepe myrtle trees. The smaller trees didn’t seem to suffer any damage, but the pines were laden with the weight of the ice. There were many broken limbs, and some areas in our town lost electricity for a few hours as a result. Thankfully, we didn’t.

crepe myrtle 1-14-2015 7-57-48 AM

3.) I never removed last summer’s plants from the old bicycle “basket”.  Sorry, ice plant: your days are numbered.

bike stems with ice 1-14-2015 8-41-39 AM

4.) Do you recall the saga of the squirrel determined to stash a walnut in the basket hanging on our back door?  This week, he must have come to retrieve it.  I noticed yesterday that it was gone. But a tiny “biddy” remains tucked away, waiting for spring.

basket 1-15-2015 3-31-07 PM

5.) Gypsy and I took a selfie this week. She was so cute, cuddled up with her paw on my scarf.

db and gypsy

And, how was your weather this week?

~These Days Of Mine~

Ten Years

Mama Kat, with one of her Writer’s Workshop prompts this week, has inspired me to share a photo taken ten years ago.

1. Find a photo of yourself taken ten years ago and display it on your blog along with a current photo. How have you changed since the day that photo was taken?

This photo was taken on our third anniversary, 02/02/05.


And this one was taken a couple of weeks ago on Motor Man’s birthday.

jrdb calendar1 1-1-2015 3-20-40 PM

So aside from the inevitable physical changes (the most obvious one being more wrinkles),  how else have I changed in the past ten years?

This is a bit tricky, in that I tend to think of  changes in my life as opposed to how I’ve changed.  So, I may stray from the subject just a bit.

Many things are the same:  I’m just as happy now as I was then, and Motor Man and I still enjoy every day.

I think each year that’s passed has given me a little more self-confidence. Motor Man’s mission ever since we’ve been together has been to help me be a less intimated, more out-going person, and I can say that he’s been successful. Life is much more fun than when I was so timid and scared of everything. (I guess you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.)

In other words, I speak up now more than I did ten years ago.

Since that first photo, I’ve become a  blogger, and I have that to thank for many new friendships.

I’ve also renewed some old friendships, many because of Facebook. I know it has its critics, but I’m a fan.

In the past ten years, I’ve learned to never pass up the chance to take a photo. (Or ten.) When I was much younger, I shied away from having my picture taken; now I take advantage of those opportunities, too, especially photos of me with the ones I love.

I’ve said good-bye to several family members and friends in these last ten years, and although we know it’s part of life, that knowledge doesn’t make it one bit easier.

So, how about you?  How have you changed in the past ten years?

Mama’s Losin’ It

 ~These Days Of Mine~