Marshall’s Perspective

Marshall sent me a couple of photos he’d taken this week of his kitties.

In the first one, Chessie seems dwarfed by the “huge” phlox bloom.

chessie 10-28-2014 1-00-00 AM

And, in the second picture, Snugg “towers” above the neighbor’s house.

snugg 10-28-2014 1-00-00 AM

I think Marshall has quite an eye for clever photos, and no, I’m not prejudiced….not in the least.

~These Days Of Mine~

“Catastrophic Failure”

Monday evening, Motor Man and I, along with our friend, Bev, waited on our deck to, hopefully, catch a glimpse of the Antares rocket launch from Wallops Island on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The rocket was taking approximately 5,000 pounds of supplies to the International Space Station.

Wallops Island is approximately 85 air miles from our house. We have a fairly “clear shot” and were able to view a night-time rocket launch from there in November of last year.

Monday night’s launch was scrubbed because of a boat in the restricted area. The launch was rescheduled for last night at 6:22.

Bev was unable to join us last night, but Motor Man and I were, once again, on the deck, waiting. We had the laptop, and were watching live coverage of the launch on the NASA web-site.

Considering the distance, I knew it would be next to impossible for me to video the actual rocket with my camera, so I decided to video the launch from the web-site.

If you listen carefully, in addition to the crickets, you can hear launch control with the countdown. And, at the 49-second mark, you’ll hear Motor Man softly say: “It blew up. It blew up, honey. Catastrophic failure.”.

We take particular interest in these launches because of our fairly close proximity to Wallops Island.  Motor Man and I took his Mom for a day trip to nearby Chincoteague back in the spring, and we visited the area again with our friend, Donna, in May.

Of course, there’s a sense of relief that the rocket was unmanned, and miraculously, there were no injuries, but we were still saddened to see this unfortunate event take place.

~These Days Of Mine~

This Time Of Year

I’m especially fond of the quote: “Nature gives to every season a beauty of its own”.

tractor and fog 10-25-2014 7-56-41 AM

Farmers in our area are busy harvesting crops, and they’ve had some really nice weather recently to help with that task.

trees and fog 10-25-2014 7-56-54 AM

So even though our leaves haven’t yet begun changing into their fall colors, we do have the gold of the soybean fields and the white of the cotton fields to enjoy.

sand pit 10-25-2014 7-59-55 AM

And a little early morning fog doesn’t hurt.

~These Days Of  Mine~

The Wedding

Saturday morning, Motor Man and I got all “gussied up”…

jrdb2 10-25-2014 9-31-07 AM

…and drove four hours southwest to central North Carolina to attend a wedding.

The day couldn’t have been more beautiful. When that happens, I’m always reminded of the old saying, which I’ve shared here before: “Happy is the bride the sun shines on.”.

White bows decorating the exterior of the church say: “there’s a wedding here today!”.

church and bow 10-25-2014 3-13-27 PM

Guests were greeted by this charming scene at the entrance.

bench and pillow 10-25-2014 3-14-17 PM

We were among the first guests to arrive, but those pews quickly filled to capacity.

inside church 10-25-2014 3-18-57 PM

It was a lovely ceremony, and the newlyweds were showered with bubbles as they emerged from the church.

couple and bubbles 10-25-2014 4-37-36 PM

The wedding was followed by a wonderful dinner and reception. Motor Man and I took advantage of the photo booth, but, as you can see, we don’t get too adventurous with the accessories.

keens 10-26-2014 7-42-22 AM

We were honored to be included among the guests and wish Brittany and Justin a long, happy life together.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Friday once again, and time for some random thoughts:

1.) Early Tuesday morning, we had a quick shower. But then the sun came out and seemed to give our little corner of the world a “dreamy” photo effect.

cloudy morning 10-21-2014 8-06-29 AM

2.) I lost my watch a couple of days ago. It wasn’t fancy nor expensive, but I’ve worn it every day for several years. It was a bangle-type: easy to slip on and, apparently, a little too easy to slip off my wrist.

3.) Sundae continues to be an occasional undercover kitty; most evenings, she “asks” to be under her blankie. Sometimes, she starts to emerge, then stops and just lies there.  I took this with my cell phone, no flash.


4.) My friend, Bev, and I managed to squeeze in a beachcombing trip this week. It’s almost November, and we were in flip flops. (The weather took a turn for the worse the next day. Our flip-flop wearing may be over for this year.)

tree 10-18-2014 5-45-43 PM

5.) Motor Man and I are invited to a wedding tomorrow.  We’re friends with the bride’s parents (have only met the bride once), but goodness, who doesn’t love a wedding?

Any randomness in your world today?

~These Days Of Mine~

The Duesies Were Here!

On Tuesday, our little town had some special guests. It was one of the stops on The Duesenberg Tour, Southern Style.

Motor Man and I waited for them on Main Street.

duesies 10-21-2014 9-50-21 AM

Then followed them the short distance to Smithfield Station, our local waterfront restaurant/marina/hotel, where the drivers enjoyed a coffee break. And townfolk enjoyed the cars.

station and cars1 10-21-2014 10-01-51 AM 10-21-2014 10-01-51 AM

There was an abundance of chrome and whitewalls!

fronts 10-21-2014 10-10-51 AM

This red one was a real eye-catcher.

red dues10-21-2014 10-21-50 AM 10-21-2014 10-21-50 AM

Duesenbergs were luxury cars manufactured during the 1920’s and 1930’s. I’m told there are about 380 still in existence; Jay Leno owns four, and one of our local businessmen (who organized this tour) owns two.

This beauty once belonged to….. Clark Gable. I didn’t know that until the cars had left town and pictures of friends began appearing on Facebook. Pictures taken of them standing beside “Clark’s” car. Had I known, I would definitely have posed beside it too.

clarks 10-21-2014 10-56-16 AM

Smithfield soon bid the Duesenbergs farewell and sent them on to the next stop on their tour.

bye 10-21-2014 11-08-19 AM

And two days later, I’m still stewing about the fact that I didn’t know that was Clark Gable’s car…..sigh.

~These Days Of Mine~

Mae And Ben

Allow me to introduce to you a sweet couple I met this week:

s crow1 10-20-2014 2-51-02 PM

This is Mae and her husband, Ben. I convinced them to take a few minutes out of their busy day to pose for me.  Ben, along with their six sons, is busy harvesting corn and soy beans.

s crow3 10-20-2014 2-51-14 PM

Farm life is busy for Mae and their six daughters, too, with all the household chores, including the daunting task of cooking three meals a day for fourteen people.

Like many folks living during the Great Depression, Mae and Ben don’t have a lot of money, but their home is filled with love, and they’re raising kind, hard-working, honest children. That’s just what you do.

s crow close up 10-20-2014 2-51-21 PM

Doesn’t Ben just look so proud to be standing there beside his bride on this gorgeous autumn day?

scarecrows best 10-20-2014 2-51-35 PM

Any similarity between this post and my grandparents is purely……intentional.

~These Days Of Mine~