Her Birthday


lona bd

You may recall my posts about my cousin, Lona, who passed away last November. Today would have been her birthday.

I’m sharing this photo again (we used it in the video for her funeral) in memory of her.

This picture was taken in 1964. She was 11. It was the year we pretended to be secretaries to the Beatles (we dreamed big) when we played together after church on Sundays.

Our lives were interwoven with family and church. As children, we went to Sunday School together, GA (Girls in Action) functions, sang in the Junior Choir, and of course, as cousins, we were always visiting each other with family.

As adults, we taught pre-school Sunday School and Vacation Bible School together, and the GA functions were replaced by BYW (Baptist Young Women) meetings and activities. But, as cousins, the family aspect never changed.

We grew apart briefly in the 1990′s, but reconnected, and I was honored to be of help to her in the past few years as her health failed.

Our dear mutual friend, Janet, (more like a family member than a friend) and I are planning to meet this afternoon for an iced tea in honor of Lona’s birthday.

Oh, and Lona will definitely be with us.

Happy Birthday, Lona.

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The Better Option

Yesterday morning,  I was awake before the sunrise. I actually prefer waking up that early.

1 sunrise 4-22-2014 6-15-13 AM

That time of day, there are several workboats out in the river, the men working the crab pots.

work boat 4-22-2014 6-15-20 AM

When the morning is as beautiful as yesterday, I envy those fishermen in a way: experiencing the smooth water, the quiet of the dawn, the amazing colors in the sky.

workboats 4-22-2014 6-15-51 AM

And I think I might like to be out there on one of those boats. Oh, not to do any of that manual labor, of course. My title would strictly be: “Boat Photographer”.

workboats close 4-22-2014 6-17-32 AM

But, then, I recall seeing those same men in those boats out working on mornings when the weather is cold, rainy, windy, the water is rough, and gray is the only color in the sky.

And I decide that it’s much better to be standing on our deck, taking pictures of those boats. And the sunrise.

sunrise last 4-22-2014 6-26-40 AM

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A Brief Appearance

It had been a few months since we’d seen her.  But a couple of weeks ago, I glanced out, and there she was.

bride swan and clouds 4-15-2014 6-11-10 PM

Bride Swan is so special; I’m always excited to see her, especially when she’s been gone for awhile.

bride swan 4-10 4-11-2014 7-16-04 PM

There’s nothing like the golden hour of sunset to flatter a bride.

bride swan sunset 4-11 4-11-2014 7-22-24 PM

She spent some time relaxing in the grass…

bride swan on land 4-13-2014 7-52-48 AM

…and after a few days, was gone again. Hopefully, when she returns  next time,  Groom Swan will be with her.

New to the blog and not familiar with Bride and Groom?  They were introduced in this post, and you can read more about them in The Swans category.

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Family Easter Sunday

Yesterday was a full day for us. Marshall had an engagement after lunch, so we had an early breakfast with him to start the day.

Then, Motor Man’s family gathered at the home of one of his sisters for lunch: 14 adults as well as five little ones under the age of five.

We had a nice lunch, and enjoyed catching up with family members we hadn’t seen since Christmas.

There were Easter baskets to be opened:

livy lily with baskets 4-20-2014 11-02-46 AM

And a piggyback ride:

piggyback 4-20-2014 12-44-23 PM

The little ones always have fun together. We were happy that all five of them sat (somewhat) still for a quick photo session.

5 cousins best 4-20-2014 12-55-32 PM

And we got to meet four-week-old Aaron, the newest member of the family, and “Nanny’s” fifth great grandchild.

db nanny and aaron 4-20-2014 12-46-14 PM

Parents and grandparents were busy keeping up with those energetic little ones. Motor Man and I didn’t have any responsibilities there, but we came home and took an afternoon nap anyway.

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Random Five Friday

Here are my thoughts on this Good Friday:

1.) The mini-hurricane we had Tuesday night must have kept Sundae awake. This is how she spent most of Wednesday morning.


2.) Yesterday, Motor Man and I had lunch with friends: two couples we hadn’t seen in quite awhile.  It was nice to catch up, but I’m sorry I didn’t ask someone to take a picture of the six of us. The restaurant was busy, and there just didn’t seem to be the opportune moment for a photo.

3.) When we arrived home yesterday afternoon, Motor Man noticed a (recently built)  osprey nest on the breakwater at the marina.  With binoculars, from our kitchen window, we have a good view of it. I’m looking forward to watching the family and sharing photos. This picture was taken from our yard, using a long lens. If you enlarge, you can see Mama (I’m guessing?) on the nest.

GP osprey  4-17-2014 5-13-42 PM

4.) I posted this picture on Facebook yesterday for Throwback Thursday, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Ford Mustang. (Sorry, FB friends, for the “rerun”.)  My first car was a (used) pale yellow Mustang that I wish I still owned. I came across this picture, taken by my mom, recently. The date: 9/11/71.

db mustang

5.) Sunday morning, we’re planning breakfast with Marshall, then, later, lunch with Motor Man’s family.  We have a new great-nephew, just a few weeks old. We’re looking forward to meeting him and spending time with everyone.

Happy Easter, everyone.

(Update: I’ve just learned that Nancy is ending her blog, A Rural Journal. So there is no link-up at this time for Random Five Friday. I will, however, continue to have my own R5F here on These Days.)

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Mama’s Birthday

My mother was born April 17, 1910, one hundred four years ago today.

In honor of her birthday, I thought I’d share a few photos of her life.

I have very few pictures of my mom and dad together.  (He died when I was just an infant, and I have no memory of him at all.) There’s no date on this picture, so I don’t know if it was before they were married, before they had children?

donnie and willie front 1-22-2010 3-56-037

My mom with my sisters, June and Rose.

mom june rose as children

With me, as a baby. Many nights, my mom and my sisters would swing me to sleep in that porch swing.

Donnie & Dianne 6-27-2010 9-33-48 PM

Fast forward to the early 1980′s, with Marshall and me.

goggie db marshall 1-22-2010 3-16-40 PM

At a family reunion, (far left) with her five sisters, early 1990′s.


And one of our very favorite pictures of her, taken on a trip with my sister, June, in Myrtle Beach, also early 1990′s.

goggie myrtle beach 3-27-2005 9-37-10 PM

“You count the hours you could have spent with your mother.
It’s a lifetime in itself.”
 Mitch Albom

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The Prelude…

…to a storm bringing several hours of heavy rain, gale force winds, a 35-degree temperature drop in less than four hours…and sleet.

old boat 4-15-2014 6-14-053

Oh, what a night.

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