Daily Archives: October 6, 2010

Bygone Days – 3 Generations


Old family photos are so nice to have. It’s amazing to look at pictures from the 1800’s and know that they had the technology to do that in those days.  Here’s one of my paternal great grandfather, James Hinton McGuriman. He was born in 1812; we don’t know the year of his death. (I need to do a little research on that!)

I wish the picture were clearer;  I’d like to get a better look at those britches. They look pretty interesting.

We also have this photo of his son (my grandfather), Thomas Jefferson McGuriman (1868-1922).

 Now, with a name like that, how would you like to be the schoolmarm teaching him to write his name? (His wife’s maiden name was Leonetta Octavia Pittman, but that’s a post for another day.)

 I think he’s rather dashing. I love the mustache. And the high collar.

And here’s his son (my dad), William Everett McGuriman (1899-1954).

I love his knickers and little button-up shoes and sailor-collar shirt.

 One of the chairs from that set survived the years, and now I’m honored to have it in our home.  I like to think it’s the same chair my Daddy was standing beside with his little hand resting on the seat.  Wonder what mischief he got into as soon as he was free from this photo session?