Daily Archives: October 28, 2010


I’d like you to meet my nephew, Connor.

Now, I ask you – is that a handsome young cowboy, or what?

Connor and his Mom come to visit us each summer. And we pack a lot of fun into that week or so that they’re here.

During their visit, we usually go to Gravediggers Dungeon, because Connor is really into Monster Trucks.

We go to at least one race shop because Connor is also into race cars. Motor Man builds the engine for this one!

We find some type of farm to visit, because Connor loves animals! Even more than Monster Trucks. This summer, we accidentally found an alpaca farm!

Every summer, as they’re driving out of our driveway to start their trip back home , I’m already counting the weeks til their next visit.

Today is Connor’s birthday.

Happy Birthday, Connor. Celebrate, Dude!