Surf’s Up!


Last Friday was particularly windy ’round these parts.

No, I wasn’t holding the camera at an angle. Groom Swan was catchin’ a wave.

The river by our house is a protected body of water and normally rather calm. But the wind that day made for very rough waters.

We even had whitecaps!

And Groom Swan has a new nickname:  Surfer Dude.

5 responses to “Surf’s Up!

  1. You go, Surfer Dude…hanging ten!! LOL!

  2. Oh that’s too cute!!! He’s such a beauty!

  3. Is this the same bird in all your pictures? In other words, does he live there all the time? I can’t imagine living that close to water after having spent my life living at the foot of mountains.

  4. I didn’t know he could surf! ….. Is he out there today? Should be some decent waves out there now, too …

  5. Yes, this swan lives nearby. His visits are difficult to predict: sometimes he comes daily for a week or two, then I don’t see him for a couple of months!

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