Daily Archives: February 4, 2011

Sleigh Riding. Slip-sliding.


Monday’s post mentioned a sleigh ride that we went on in Pennsylvania last week. (The one where Motor Man had no hood, hat or scarf to cover his poor, cold head.)

Now that we’ve covered that (no pun intended), on to the pictures of the sleigh ride.

If you’re looking to go sleigh riding in Pennsylvania, Dragon Run Stables and Livery is the place. Click here for their web-site. And even if a sleigh ride isn’t in your future, you can still enjoy the video.

Denise and Flavius, owners of Dragon Run, had to bring the sleigh to us. Their lane was only accessible by 4-wheel drive vehicles and horse-drawn sleighs. I REALLY wish my camera had video capabilities. Seeing those horses coming toward us and hearing the sleigh bells jingling is something I won’t soon forget.

The horses’ names were Silk and Annie. They didn’t want to stand still very long; they were ready to get on with this ride.

There’s just something about a horse-drawn sleigh ride. Quiet – except for the sleigh bells, the sound of the runners on the snow and an occasional horse’s whinny. Slow – so you can enjoy the scenery. Cold – but that’s how it should be. 

After the ride, Silk and Annie stood still long enough for a picture with me and my cold-headed husband. But you can see Silk (on the left) was getting a little antsy. Or would that be horsey? Sorry.

When we left Dragon Run, there was this little event with the icy road, a ditch and a no-traction situation.  In other words, we were stuck. And believe me, soon after this picture was taken, our car didn’t look nearly this clean.

We had no cell phone reception, and Flavius and Denise had gone back up their lane, so I walked to a nearby home to use the phone. Instead of letting me call AAA,  Leslie came to our rescue. Here, she and Motor Man are getting the chain from her vehicle to pull us out of the ditch. Thanks, Leslie!

The sleigh ride was wonderful. Getting stuck – not so much. But it was heartwarming to have a total stranger so willing to help us out of a jam.

And right about then, we were needing all the warming we could get.