The Rev To My Engine


You are the jets to my carburetor.You are the degree to my cam.You are the octane to my fuel. You are the lash to my valve.You are the spark to my plug.You are the fire to my piston.You are the gray area to my rules.You are the viscosity to my oil.You are the timing to my chain.You are the green flag to my race.You are the rev to my engine.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Motor Man.

9 responses to “The Rev To My Engine

  1. That is so sweet AND very original!!! The two of you are the perfect team!! Happy Valentines Day to you both!!

  2. Tuned up and ready to roll! lol

  3. Your sweetheart is a lucky man. This is such a sweet tribute.

    Hope you both have a happy and memorable Valentine’s Day!

  4. Oh too cute!!! Clever girl!

  5. You are so clever and Bill says “You got it bad!”

  6. Awwww….that’s so sweet. Happy Valentines!

  7. I haven’t been “ranking” your posts, but I think this one’s in the top two .. very cool!

  8. What a great love song to your sweetie!

  9. I love this! As a lifetime NAPA gal, I can definitely identify with each and every word….”you are the timing to my chain” and “fire to my piston”, are my favorites-actually, the whole thing is darling 🙂

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