Daily Archives: February 27, 2012

Wild Kingdom

Frequently, Marshall will say that our yard is a Wild Kingdom.

The past few days have proven that statement to be true. One day last week, I glanced out the kitchen window to see these ducks visiting. They stopped just short of walking up the steps to our deck.

A day or two later, I returned from my morning walk to find a duck….perched on the old boat in our yard.

The next day, I walked out on the deck and frightened several deer that were in our yard. They scurried into the marsh, and almost disappeared in the reeds. You can see the brown of one deer between the tree to the left and the center tree. But look to the very far right of the photo. See that sweet little face staring at me?

Here’s a cropped version of that picture, which makes the hidden deer easier to see.

These next two pictures were taken Monday afternoon.  Motor Man and I backed out of the garage, glanced over toward the other end of the house and realized we had company again.

The afternoon sun added a little golden light to this scene from our Wild Kingdom.

Marshall knows of what he speaks.