Daily Archives: February 10, 2012

Big Hats, But No Swallows

Last week, during our California trip, we visited the town of San Juan Capistrano.

It’s familiar to all of us because we hear about the swallows returning there every year. And you may also know about Mission San Juan Capistrano.

My friend, Bev and I discovered a little side street in the town that’s chock-full of cafe-type restaurants, gift shops and garden shops. And almost every one of them had a sweet little fence out front.

We didn’t have lunch here, but we sure did enjoy walking down this little street and visiting the shops.

But this is my favorite picture from that outing. Apparently a “big hat” ladies’ club was having a luncheon, and we spotted these two making their way into one of the cafes. We thought it could possibly be a mother and daughter. But I love that the older lady was wearing her fancy floral frock over her slacks. And to complete the ensemble: sport socks and black Reeboks!

And she’s probably the most “well-to-do” lady in town…

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