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Vermont…Chapter 1

Most of you know that I have recently become very fond of horses. This is most likely due, in part, to our trips to see the wild horses on the Outer Banks.

A few months ago, my neighbor sent me the link to this video on a breed of horses that I’d never heard of: Friesians. And my fondness went to the next level.  I really wanted to see Friesians in person, and began searching. But if there are any in our area, I haven’t been able to find them.

A couple weeks ago, the thought crossed my mind: wouldn’t it be amazing to go on a sleigh ride pulled by Friesians? (In case you didn’t click on the video and aren’t familiar with them, Friesians are jet black horses, usually with long manes and long tails.)  So I did an online search, and when I entered the term: “Friesian Sleigh Ride”, the first on the list was Friesians of Majesty.

But they’re located in Vermont. Which is an eleven hour drive from us.

And last Friday, Motor Man told me to call for reservations and pack my bags. We pulled out of our driveway Saturday morning at 3:38 AM, and eleven hours later, found ourselves in a New England winter wonderland.


Our adventure began when we got stuck in the snow before we even reached the farm. But, thanks to the kindness of some other sleigh-riders, we soon made it to the farm and had the bonus of meeting some really nice people we wouldn’t have otherwise met.

At the farm we were welcomed by the owners, Robert Labrie, his wife, Lorie and son, Ben.  Lorie gave us a ride back to our vehicle, and Robert and Ben towed our truck the remaining mile and a half to the farm.  Once there, I began meeting the horses. I believe this is Mayken, who was born earlier this year, and is still practically a baby. He wanted to nibble on my coat.


This is Geartsje, a mare whose sweet disposition is evident in these pictures.


She was happy to pose with me.

db and geartsje

Just after these photos were taken, Robert surprised us with an unexpected treat. Although we’d seen the horses in their stalls……there was a special horse he wanted us to see out in the arena.

robert and othello-002

Meet Othello:

othello and robt3

According to their web-site, Othello is the #1 Friesian breeding stallion in the world.  And he is breathtaking. (I took a video, but WordPress, Google, You-Tube, Photobucket and a host of gremlins teamed up to work against me today, so you won’t be seeing it. )

After Robert returned Othello to his stall, he stopped to visit Mathijs, another of their breeding stallions. Mathijs was born on the farm; his love for Robert is very obvious.

robert and maythijs.

Tomorrow, I’ll share pictures of our accommodations there on the farm and tell you how we spent our Sunday.