Vermont…Chapter 1

Most of you know that I have recently become very fond of horses. This is most likely due, in part, to our trips to see the wild horses on the Outer Banks.

A few months ago, my neighbor sent me the link to this video on a breed of horses that I’d never heard of: Friesians. And my fondness went to the next level.  I really wanted to see Friesians in person, and began searching. But if there are any in our area, I haven’t been able to find them.

A couple weeks ago, the thought crossed my mind: wouldn’t it be amazing to go on a sleigh ride pulled by Friesians? (In case you didn’t click on the video and aren’t familiar with them, Friesians are jet black horses, usually with long manes and long tails.)  So I did an online search, and when I entered the term: “Friesian Sleigh Ride”, the first on the list was Friesians of Majesty.

But they’re located in Vermont. Which is an eleven hour drive from us.

And last Friday, Motor Man told me to call for reservations and pack my bags. We pulled out of our driveway Saturday morning at 3:38 AM, and eleven hours later, found ourselves in a New England winter wonderland.


Our adventure began when we got stuck in the snow before we even reached the farm. But, thanks to the kindness of some other sleigh-riders, we soon made it to the farm and had the bonus of meeting some really nice people we wouldn’t have otherwise met.

At the farm we were welcomed by the owners, Robert Labrie, his wife, Lorie and son, Ben.  Lorie gave us a ride back to our vehicle, and Robert and Ben towed our truck the remaining mile and a half to the farm.  Once there, I began meeting the horses. I believe this is Mayken, who was born earlier this year, and is still practically a baby. He wanted to nibble on my coat.


This is Geartsje, a mare whose sweet disposition is evident in these pictures.


She was happy to pose with me.

db and geartsje

Just after these photos were taken, Robert surprised us with an unexpected treat. Although we’d seen the horses in their stalls……there was a special horse he wanted us to see out in the arena.

robert and othello-002

Meet Othello:

othello and robt3

According to their web-site, Othello is the #1 Friesian breeding stallion in the world.  And he is breathtaking. (I took a video, but WordPress, Google, You-Tube, Photobucket and a host of gremlins teamed up to work against me today, so you won’t be seeing it. )

After Robert returned Othello to his stall, he stopped to visit Mathijs, another of their breeding stallions. Mathijs was born on the farm; his love for Robert is very obvious.

robert and maythijs.

Tomorrow, I’ll share pictures of our accommodations there on the farm and tell you how we spent our Sunday.

50 responses to “Vermont…Chapter 1

  1. What a wonderful adventure! Can’t wait to hear about the rest of it! Motor Man is so good to you!

  2. Wow absolutely beautiful, Dianna! I love these horses. I’m familiar with them since one of my co-workers breeds Friesians as well:) Looking forward to Part ll!

  3. Absolutely breathtaking. Othello is so beautiful. What an adventure. That Motor Man is something!

  4. What a great adventure! So glad you were helped out of the snow by such nice folks. I think you must be MM’s good luck charm.
    Othello is a handsome fellow. The names Geartsje and Mathijs sound Dutch. My brother and family always spend a white Thanksgiving in Vermont near Loon Lake.

  5. They are beautiful Dianna! What a cool trip, I am ready to hear and see more! Othello’s coat looks like black ice!! Handsome.

    • Someone commented on the Facebook page for Friesians Of Majesty that “if George Clooney were a horse, he’d be Othello!”. Isn’t that perfect?

  6. Already sounds like it was your perfect trip!! If you insist on sleigh rides, Y’all are going to have to invest in tire chains since this is the second time you’ve been stuck going or coming from a sleigh ride adventure!
    Please don’t ask for the moon because MOTOR Man would surely try to get it for you!

  7. You must have been a really good little girl this year for Santa, aka Motor Man, to take you on such an adventure! Can’t wait for tomorrows blog.

  8. OH! WOW! I am just so envious!
    can’t wait to see more!
    Nellie’s Mom

  9. I’ve always loved that gorgeous breed!

  10. I have loved horses since I was a little girl. Their eyes are so incredibly sensitive and they are such wonderful animals. I had never heard of that breed of horse. Simply exquisite! Thank you for introducing us to it, can’t wait to read more!

  11. oh my gosh what a wonderful surprise and trip! That stallion is magnificent! Just gorgeous.

  12. What an incredible trip you guys had – a most special one to be remembered for years to come. I know this is only the first “installment” of your trip pix – can’t wait to see more. Fresians are beyond beautiful – I can’t get over the pure “sweetness” in their eyes. That shiny black coat is simply gorgeous! You are SO lucky – not just anyone would have had this special treat you know! YAY MM!

    Hugs, Pam

  13. Friesians are awesome – I had never heard about them until your fondness for horses grew ….
    Othello is great – he looks like one of the black Knight pieces on a chessboard – and he’s a proud one!
    Looking forward to part II of the adventure!

  14. What a wonderful weekend you had! Looking at your photos I can smell the sweet horsey smell I miss so much. Nice barn and stalls! I love the guys mustache and hat. I’m anxious to see more!

  15. Wonderful wonderful! My favorite is the colt nuzzling your neck. The snow picture was great and love the flakes on your blog! And to make it all a teaser for tomorrow’s blog…..(already have a reminder on my calender)
    just great. You know I have always been a horse lover-you have put a dream to paper beautifully. Happy New Year.

  16. Snow! How wonderful! The horse was so beautiful!

  17. What a wonderful thing for Motor Man to do! I love the pictures. You always look beautiful, Dianna, and I love the horses. It sounds like a great trip!

  18. Uh huh…I was wondering! They are a lovely breed – they just “float” don’t they?
    Looking forward to seein’ more!

  19. Oh my goodness, what a grand adventure MM took you on! Vermont in the winter time, a beautiful sight for photos and those horses!!! Magnificent, especially Othello. He is GORGEOUS! Can’t wait to ‘hear’ more about it!

  20. Othello is … gasp … majestic! I bet he was something to watch as he moved around the ring 🙂

    Good on MM to whisk you away — how fun!!

  21. The joy on your face is so refreshing and beautiful! What a wonderful man your mm is to make this happen for you! I am so happy I did not miss this entry, a special one indeed!

  22. What an awesome horse Othello is!! I don’t think I’ve seen a more beautiful horse. What a treat to get to see these beauties…you have an awesome hubby, but then you already know that!!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your trip.

  23. 3:38 a.m.? What, too excited to sleep? LOL I probably would be, too. What an adventure! They are beautiful horses.

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  25. Dianna, these are some of the most beautiful horses ever created! What a wonderful gift from your Motor Man! WOW!

  26. I love that Motor Man told you to go pack your bags. How wonderful! I need to show this to George for when he retires.

  27. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What beautiful animals! We are very lucky Dianna to have such kind and good hearted men in our lives. Can’t wait
    to hear more about your trip!

  28. Be still my heart. Awesome, just awesome. 🙂

  29. I am so glad I decided to back and catch up on your posts. These horses are magnificent! And, that Motor Man….he is one super special guy!

  30. Wow! How exciting! Just to get in the car and drive up there….an answer to a wish after seeing these beautiful horses online. A sleigh ride! I am more than a little jealous! These are gorgeous horses! And, I think Othello is incredibly beautiful!

  31. I never heard of this breed of horses…what magnificent animals! Thank you for sharing, and for the stunning photos! ~ Sheila

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