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Friday’s Fences – The Vermont Trip

As promised, here are pictures of a few fences we saw during our Vermont trip. Amazingly, a couple of them also feature horses.

horses and fence

Maggie Ladd Road, where the Friesians of Majesty farm is located.

snowy maggie ladd rd

Near Townsend, Vermont, not too far from the farm.


And still further along, Motor Man stopped briefly for me to snap this photo. I liked how the snow from the day before was still on the fence rails. Unless that’s an odd camera angle, that black horse has a HUGE head. Does anyone know what breed that might be? (Certainly not a Friesian!)

fence with snow

And finally, a cemetery, also near Townsend. I think there’s a rock/stone fence there, under all that snow.

snowy cemetery gate

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fridays fences