Barn Charm……Just A Memory

Several of my previous Barn Charm posts have featured a particular barn, located just outside the town limits of Smithfield.

I’ve shared pictures of it with a winter wheat crop, ripe for harvest, in the foreground.

yeoman barn  before

Just after a section of a shed collapased.

yeoman barn collapsed-001

And with a cotton crop waiting to be harvested.

cotton field yeoman barn

A few months ago, we heard that these old barns would be demolished. And, sure enough, soon we saw signs of that happening.

yeoman barn being demolished

This next picture was taken last Friday afternoon. (Again with a winter wheat crop in the foreground.)

yeoman barn gone

And this one was taken yesterday.

y barn monday

The property is for sale; perhaps it will sell easier with the barnyard gone. But I’m sad. I’m sure I won’t be the only one to miss seeing those old barns and silos.

 So, as a tribute, today I’m sharing a photo of them taken last January at sunset.


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29 responses to “Barn Charm……Just A Memory

  1. mollieandalfie

    That’s such a shame, they were terrific barns in their day 🙂 xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. I was sad to see them go too! I hope they don’t sell the land for more houses or another strip mall.

  3. Love the sunset behind the barn. Nice.

  4. Wouldn’t it be nice if the former owners of that property came across your blog and recognized their barn landmarks on this post? 🙂 Not just beautiful photos … but a moment in time – lovely!


  5. Beautiful sunset picture Dianna. It is sad. I hate to see the silos go too. Such a pretty place with the wheat.

    • It’s funny that you mention the silos, Pix. When I came home and uploaded by photos (of the demolition) and looked back on the previous pictures, the missing silos were what struck me….

  6. Oh I just cried to see your pictures today… maybe I need to go back and look at some funny pics of Sundae posing. Guess I.m feeling a little emotionally challenged these days…

  7. So sad. But your collection has them living on.

  8. Sad with you, and glad you are keeping these and others alive through your photos and postings!

  9. I bet you feel like an old friend has passed on.

  10. It’s such a shame to see a large barn demolished…just think of the family that worked and stored livestock and crops in it and depended on it for so many years!

  11. Another casualty of time and “progress.” The sunset tribute is wonderful.

  12. It’s too bad that barn’s days are over…..imagine it had some real “glory days” in its past. It’s great that you were able to capture its’ many looks in the seasons prior to its’ final days………..the tribute photo is beautiful.


  13. Well that’s progress for you…too bad the barns couldn’t have been restored or repaired instead of torn down. Love the last photo. ~ Sheila

  14. awww. just a memory – preserved by your photos…

  15. This is a sad and beautiful post Dianna. The final photo is poignant and touching – like a life remembered.

  16. It was a fixture on the way in or out of town .. I always liked the little narrow office – or whatever it was – with that window that was basically ground-level! Going to have to get used to it not being there.. 😦

  17. This is such a nice collection of photos – telling a story. Your last shot is such a warm, fitting tribute.

  18. Sad to see, but the sunset photo is a nice tribute to the life of these old barns and silos.

  19. Well flitter, what a sad thing to happen. I’m so glad you have this wonderful gallery. Your Sunset photo is a fitting bittersweet farewell to the memory of yonder days. 😦

  20. How sad to see them gone, as if they had never been. Fortunately you had taken photos. The last sunset shot is beautiful as the memory of the barns fade into the sunset.

  21. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    It’s very sad the barn and silos are gone. They have been there many years, I remember it well. The last picture was a fitting fair well

  22. Aww – so sad to see them gone. Your tribute picture was beautiful!

  23. The pictures are a wonderful tribute to the barn. It’s nice to see what it looked like across several seasons. It’s sad that it is gone.

  24. That’s a shame that it looks like none of the wood was salvaged. Old barn wood and timbers are often reused to make a cute garden shed or picture frames and things. What a nice tribute! I bet they’d love a copy of your sunset picture for old times sake.

    • We’re hoping that some of the wood MAY have been salvaged. It seemed that some of it was missing for awhile before the barn was completely demolished. Thanks!

  25. That portion of it fell right down, didn’t it, too bad. I love the 4th shot, very beautiful. It’s heartbreaking to see them demolished, isn’t it. Horrible.
    Wonderful sunset silhouette capture

    thanks a million for joining =)

  26. Oh, that makes me sad too! Maybe someone will purchase that property and build a beautiful new barn for you to photograph!

  27. The sunset is a good representative of the barnyard’s swan song. Sorry to see it demolished.

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