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Farewell, Barn Charm

One of my favorite blog memes, Barn Charm, is no more. And I really hate to see it go.  The first ever Barn Charm was on October 4, 2010, and ironically, I participated for the first time exactly one year later on October 4, 2011.

As a going-away post, here’s a barn Motor Man and I found this weekend in a neighboring county.

barn1 9-29-2013 11-37-43 AM

I thought the little bit of remaining red paint was interesting.

This next picture is of the opposite end of the barn. (You know I love the fact that there’s a horse in the shot.)

barn2 9-29-2013 11-39-39 AM

And here’s one of the side. (A little more red paint.)

barn4 9-29-2013 11-40-37 AM

Even though Barn Charm may be gone, don’t be surprised if I share a barn photo once in awhile here on These Days.

  Old habits die hard.

Thanks, Bluff Area Daily, for hosting and for all the wonderful Barn Charm memories.

Barn Charm: Virginia History Lesson

In the county where I was raised, there’s an old plantation known as Pace’s Paines.  It’s about 25 miles from where I now live. Ever since I’ve been participating in Barn Charm, I’ve been eyeing the old barn, but never really stopped to get a picture. Until last Saturday.

paces paines barn 9-21-2013 10-58-24 AM

Here’s the Virginia Historical Road Marker located in front of the plantation:

paces paines sign 9-21-2013 11-00-01 AM

And a couple of memories I have of Virginia history relating to Pace’s Paines: the Indian who notified Richard Pace about the planned attack was named Chanco. I’m not sure why that fact was omitted from the sign.

And the Indian Chief Opechancanough?  We had to learn how to spell AND pronounce his name. It sort of sounds like “opa can canoe”.

My, but that sign brought back some long forgotten memories.

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Barn Charm – Amish Country

You know your supply of barn pictures is low when you have to look back three years to find a Barn Charm photo.

Motor Man and I visited the Amish Country near Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the fall of 2010. This was just before I began blogging, so these pictures certainly weren’t taken with Barn Charm in mind.

So many interesting things in this picture: the pulley-system clothesline, the narrow “windows” on the barn, the tobacco drying inside.

amish laundry2 9-24-2010 6-48-46 AM

It was harvest season, and quite a sight to see the farmers working the fields with their horses, rather than modern farm machinery.

working the fields

Another barn, more tobacco.

amish barn and silo 9-24-2010 4-58-32 AM

There’s no shortage of barns in this area.

three silos 9-24-2010 5-20-45 AM

(I wonder how far back in my files I’ll have to go for next week’s Barn Charm photos…?)

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Barn Charm – Thanks, MJ!

Some of you are already familiar with the blog, Emjay and Them. If you aren’t, you should definitely pay her a visit. MJ and I became followers of each other’s blogs after I had the honor of being Freshly Pressed a couple of years ago.  I can count on MJ’s posts to be witty, encouraging and thoughtful. And she’s one of my most faithful readers.

Recently, MJ was sweet enough to send me a picture of her Grandpa’s barn, tell me a little about it (and him) and allow me to share it on Barn Charm.

MJ’s Grandpa’s name was Ausser Forsberg. He was born in Steven, Minnesota and was the 6th of 10 children. In 1906, the family immigrated to Saskatchewan, Canada, due to his mother’s severe allergies. The family lived in a tent until the house was built.

In 1923, Grandpa Ausser married Pearl. MJ shares that it’s said Pearl turned down many marriage offers before accepting Ausser’s.  They raised five children, and their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren still live on the land and in the area.

mj grandpas barn

In MJ’s words: “My Grandpa’s barn: home to Belgians and Herefords, alley cats, bats and puppy dogs; home to the lazy days that housed this prairie girl’s childhood”.

It’s obvious that MJ has many sweet memories of this beautiful old barn, and I’m honored to share it this week for Barn Charm.

Barn Charm – Gone

A couple of months ago, Motor Man and I were out for a Sunday drive in a neighboring county. From a distance, we spotted this huge old barn.

barn first 6-30-2013 4-34-09 PM

Obviously, part of a once large farming operation.

barn1 6-30-2013 4-34-26 PM

Now, just a pile of rubble. (Note the obligatory light pole.)

barn and peanut trailer 6-30-2013 4-34-29 PM

It brought to mind an expression Motor Man uses occasionally: “She must have been a heyday in her day.”.

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Barn Charm – Encore

This barn is located just a short distance from Motor Man’s parents’ home. Although I’ve shared pictures of it here before, I think these two shots from Sunday afternoon make it worthy of a “repeat performance”.

red barn1 8-11-2013 4-56-37 PM

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, storms were in the area as we were driving home from the beach.  When we passed by this beautiful old barn, and I saw the dark clouds in the background, I thought it would make for an interesting picture. I grabbed the camera, lowered the window and clicked, and Motor Man didn’t even have to stop the vehicle.

red barn 2 8-11-2013 4-56-38 PM

Old red barn, please take a bow.

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Barn Charm – Add-On…?

Another barn that we found on our trip to Cambridge, Maryland last week.

green barn1 7-29-2013 8-32-23 AM

Not only was this an unusual color for a barn…

green barn2 7-29-2013 8-32-42 AM

…but if you look closely, it seems that the green siding was just placed over the top of the cinder blocks…

green barn3 7-29-2013 8-32-37 AM

Guess the owner just wanted to dress it up a bit.

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