Barn Charm – Bringing Back Memories

A couple of weeks ago, on our trip to Hertford, NC for our friends’ wedding, we passed by this old barn.

gray hertford barn1a

Nothing too charming about this one. Just a boring old gray barn.

gray hertford barn1

But when Motor Man pulled over, and I stepped up to the open door…

gray hertford barn interior

…childhood memories came flooding back. You may recall that I grew up across the highway from a dairy farm and spent many hours there as a little girl.  This barn appears to be no longer in use, except perhaps for storage. It looks nothing like the one from my childhood, but the interior, with its stalls and “aroma” immediately carried me back to carefree summer days.

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20 responses to “Barn Charm – Bringing Back Memories

  1. Yes it’s seen better days but I’m with you .. one whiff and I’m transported to my hazy-dazy days of childhood 😉 MJ

  2. That old barn “did its duty” for many years it would appear…..and all that’s left inside are memories of the shelter it provided and the aroma of those who called it “home”. Nice that it transported you back to your OWN memories.


  3. hmmmm…100 years from now, perhaps technology will capture not just the photo but a whiff of the smells in a picture…maybe they’ll call it a ‘whiffer’ app. Yet…your description captured the “aroma”. 🙂

  4. I love it when I smell an aroma of something and it takes me back to when I was a kid!

  5. Funny what odd things trigger memories. Someone posted a photo on Facebook of Woolworth’s and in came a flood for me too. Your weathered old barn is remarkable for the things you recall.

  6. I love old barns too, especially the ones that have Mail Pouch painted on them!

  7. your right about the smells inside a barn, they evoke a feeling and many warm memories!! xo

  8. That kind of distinct aroma is very hard to forget :-).

  9. i love those kinds of memories…

  10. Who knew those memories would be waiting for you in that barn?? I love it when that happens; and the sense of smell will take you back faster than any other thing !

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Memories are a wonderful treasure for us to keep. I remember driving by that barn many many times. If I remember correctly Mrs. Price (our bus driver for many years) lived right next door. I often think of that lovely lady. She was very kind and loving to me. See Dianna, you brought back a wonderful memory to me. Thanks!!

  12. Oh yes, the barn smells! They sure take me back home to the farm and even the little barn we had at our first country home before we moved here. Have a nice week!

  13. mollieandalfie

    Memories are wonderful, when I smell a barn or farm, which isn’t very often..I can always smell the horse I had as a child 🙂 xx0xx

    Mollie and Alfie

  14. It looks better kept on the inside then the outside. : )

  15. I also go back to my childhood when I step into a barn. Good memories!

  16. Amazing how a smell can invoke a distant memory and if you close your eyes, you are there again.

  17. It’s lovely to have special memories flood in and bring the joys of childhood back. 🙂
    That’s a handsome barn, I’m glad it’s still in use.

  18. I’m sure you have great memories of those times. How quickly one can be transported to another time and place.

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