Daily Archives: May 10, 2013

The Two Sides Of Sundae: Pinked And Punked

Sundae kitty has quite an exciting day today.

First, she’s helping her boycatfriend, Sammy, celebrate his two year blogging anniversary by attending his pajama pawty.  Here she is in her sweet little pink jammies:

sundae pink poodle

(Yes, I realize it’s actually a poodle costume, but please don’t let on to her. She was so excited about wearing this to the party, I didn’t want to break it to her that these weren’t really pajamas….)

By the way, please go over to Sammy’s blog today to vote for Sundae in the pajama contest.

Also, Sundae and Sammy have been steam-punked today by Nellie (The Cat From Hell’s) mommy. This is what she has to say on her blog today: here is “Dr. Sammy Lazulibunting Hogarty Kimmel – Steam Punked! Sammy is so cool, he went and gots some SteamPunk roses for his bestest girl cat Sundae from These Days of Mine!” (Look closely and you can see Sundae amongst her roses.)


Nellie’s mom then featured Sundae in her own photo. “And so yous can see Archduchess Mary Osyn Cosgrave (aka Sundae) all Punked out, here she is!”


So, what do you Sundae fans think?  The sweet little pink poodle costume-pajama-clad Sundae?    Or the more dramatic steam-punked Sundae?

Thanks to Sammy’s mom, Pam, for hosting the pawty, and to Nellie’s mom for featuring Sundae and Sammy on their blog.

If you, aren’t familiar with the term steam punked, you can learn more about it here.