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As Seen On TV

Looking back through my photos, the last picture I took of “Bride and Groom Swans” was last November.  You may think they took a winter trip to a warmer locale, but I’ve heard reports that they were just upriver a few miles nearer the town of Smithfield.

(If you’re new to These Days and aren’t familiar with the swans, you can read my first post about them here. And I’ve added a new category, The Swans, if you’d care to read all previous swan posts.)

Sunday afternoon, when Motor Man and I returned from an outing, I stepped outside to check on my flowers, the ducks, etc.  And I saw Groom Swan. It was like seeing a long lost friend. My first impulse was to hug him, but I thought better of it.  He had come up on land (looking for me, I’m sure). I yelled for Motor Man, who came with the camera.

db walking with groom swan

Motor Man spotted Bride Swan in the water before I did.

db groom swan and bride swan

This is a little walkway Motor Man built for me last summer. When the tide is low, it helps that I can walk out on it to throw bread to the swans. (We aren’t allowed to have docks…. but no worries, this rests on a drainage pipe and is completely moveable.)

Motor Man and I have a special little “sound” that we whistle to call the swans. That’s what I was doing when Motor Man took this picture. And the fish net is on there to deter the Canada geese from walking (and doing other things…) on the walkway. It seems to help.

db whistling at groom swan

A few hours later, I had a text from Marshall saying: “gnarly clouds over to the west”.  He was right.

clouds and trees

The swans seemed oblivious to the approaching bad weather, but I didn’t linger outside too long, since I could hear thunder in the distance.

bride swan and storm clouds

I sent this next picture to our local tv station, and it was featured on the weather segments of the 10 and 11:00 news broadcasts that night.

swans in the storm

The swans’ first day back, and they’re tv personalities.