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A Man and His Music

Recently, while rummaging through some of my earliest blog posts, I thought it might be fun to republish one occasionally, sort of a rerun or encore presentation. 

This post was first published in September of 2010.

“…son, can you play me a memory?”  

My son, Marshall,  (age 1 year). His musical preference had not yet been clearly defined.

marshall at piano 5-26-2005 9-39-34 PM

Marshall, at age 4, with Mark Miller, lead singer of the country group, Sawyer Brown. At that age, your musical preference is usually the same as your parents’.

marshall and mark miller 9-26-2010 5-28-16 PM 9-26-2010 5-28-16 PM

As a teenager, Marshall experienced  “the heavy metal years” (sigh….not my musical preference by any means).

But we made it through those years. I was SO relieved when, as a young adult, Marshall asked me one day if I had ever listened to The Beatles. Whew! Now there was some music I knew about! He went on to discover the likes of CCR, Charlie Daniels, Bob Dylan, The Lemon Pipers…. And he also introduced me to music by The Band and Grateful Dead, among others.

marshall 9-26-2010 9-54-25 PM

Then, around 2002, Marshall discovered the jam band, Phish, and became a fan.  This picture was taken in front of Hampton Coliseum, one of the favorite venues for the band and their fans.

marshall - coliseum 3-7-2009 8-44-34 PM

Although Phish now takes top billing as Marshall’s musical preference, he still likes that “old time rock and roll”.

marshall at piano 5-26-2005 9-39-34 PM

…”I reminisce about the days of old”….

~These Days Of Mine~