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Gypsy’s Journal – Page 6

In the few short months I’ve been official shop kitty for Motor Man and Motor Mommy, I’ve learned one thing:

Never be surprised at anything they do.

Monday evening, when they came back to the shop to check on me, refill my food bowl, tuck me in, kiss me goodnight,  etc., they weren’t alone. Another couple was with them.

My pawrents introduced them to me as Chris and Michelle. They were very friendly, and before they left, I agreed to have my picture taken with them.

keens and gardners 3-10-2014 6-46-54 PM

Here’s where the unexpected part comes in. My pawrents had gone to a local restaurant, Smithfield Station, for dinner. Chris and Michelle were walking in at the same time. Somehow, in passing, Motor Man mentioned to Chris that he builds race engines. It turns out that Chris used to drive a race car. So Motor Man invited them to have dinner with him and Motor Mommy.

Chris and Michelle live in Pennsylvania and were in Smithfield for a couple of days on business.

After dinner, Chris wanted to see Motor Man’s shop, so while they were there, they just had to come in the office to meet ME.

My pawrents seem to make friends very easily; purrhaps that’s one of the reasons I chose them for my family….?

~These Days Of Mine~