Daily Archives: March 5, 2014

One More Time

Is everyone sick of blog posts about winter weather, snow, ice, etc.,? Well, here’s my addition to that collection.

Monday, our area had sleet beginning around mid morning. This was our deck around 11:45.  (All sleet, no snow.)

deck1 3-3-2014 11-44-10 AM

This was our deck one hour later. Still all sleet, no snow.

deck2 3-3-2014 12-47-58 PM

Monday night, around 7:30: a couple of inches of snow on top of the sleet.

deck3 3-3-2014 7-27-08 PM

And perhaps my favorite snow picture this winter, looking out our front door later in the evening.

goodnight2 3-3-2014 7-21-30 PM

Now, remind me again, just how many days til spring?

~These Days of Mine~