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Our Saturday Entertainment

As planned, my friend and I had a fun Saturday morning.

We antiqued, her with a little more success than I, and we visited the Farmers Market, where we both bought a few pieces of handmade jewelry. We went to the greenhouse/nursery, where we bought gifts for upcoming occasions.

We went to lunch and talked and laughed and ate and laughed and talked. But, probably, the most fun we had the entire morning was when we stopped to give a few treats to a local horse.

donna and surry horse 9-13-2014 1-32-44 PM

Rumor has it that he’s a retired carriage horse from Colonial Williamsburg. We don’t know if that’s true, but he certainly was showing off for us on Saturday. Just what WAS he doing?

horses teeth1 9-13-2014 1-33-04 PM

At first, we thought he was yawning, but that wasn’t the case. When I showed the pictures to Motor Man, he said it looked as though he was going to spit on us, but that wasn’t it either.

horse teeth 9-13-2014 1-33-23 PM

He did it over and over again, almost on cue. Perhaps he was smiling at us?

Mr. Ed impression

Mr. Ed impression

And Donna and I laughed and laughed every time he did it, assuring him each time, though, that we were laughing WITH him, not AT him.

horse and fence 9-13-2014 1-34-42 PM

Judging by that look, I’m not sure he believed us.

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