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Little Did I Know

Late yesterday, I received notification from WordPress that it was my anniversary: four years ago I registered my blog. It was a few days later that I published my first post.

During those four years, there have been over 1200 posts, 23,000+ comments and more than 38,000 views  here on These Days.

Little did I know four years ago that blogging would become such an important part of my life.

One of the most pleasant aspects of being part of the blogging world is actually meeting other bloggers in person.  One of the first that I met (both online and in person) was Pam, author (well co-author, along with her cat, Sam) of One Spoiled Cat.

Pam is such an encouragement to me. We e-mail each other everyday and share things that are happening in our lives – exciting things like what we’re doing (laundry, housework) and what we’re having for dinner. We’re both Virginians, but we live a few hours apart. She and I, along with our husbands, have met in person several times, and Motor Man and I consider her and Dave great friends. Oh, and Sundae is Sam’s “virtual” girlfriend.

keens and kimmells

Last summer, I had the pleasure of meeting Sheila, whose blog is Grace And Space. Sheila lives in Alaska, but was on vacation in Williamsburg, and we met for lunch.

db and sheila

Earlier this year, Motor Man and I met Dorothy and Pat (aka Beatrice and Grenville Boyd), who co-write The Frog And The PenguINN.  They live in a beautiful old home on the Eastern Shore and were visiting our area.

jr db dorothy pat 3-22-2014 6-54-40 PM

Another Virginia blogger is Patti, whose blog is A New Day Dawns. Patti lives in Virginia Beach, and she and I have met for shopping and lunch a couple of times.

db and patti 3-28-2012 1-00-16 PM

And, most recently, Georgette Sullins, author of a blog by the same name, visited family in northern Virginia. Georgette lives in Texas, so we couldn’t let the opportunity to meet pass us by.  Motor Man and I met her and some of her family members for lunch.

georgette and db-001

There are several others in my blogging world that I’m anxious to meet, and hopefully that will happen.

Thanks to all of you (both bloggers and non-bloggers) for reading, commenting, mentioning the blog when you see me in person, and to those of you who just quietly visit.

Sometimes I struggle with what to blog about tomorrow, so who knows how much longer I’ll keep at this? I sometimes wonder how many more swan, kitty, horse, sunrise and sunset photos my readers can bear to see.

But these four years have really been fun, so for right now, I guess you’re all stuck with me.

~These Days Of Mine~