Daily Archives: September 26, 2014

Random Five Friday

Time for Friday randomness!

1.) I must say that I’m glad it’s Friday. This has been an exceptionally challenging blogging week for me.  I haven’t taken many pictures, and I’ve been at a loss for blog topics.

sunset1 9-22-2014 7-31-25 PM

2.) At first glance, it appears that this is some sort of kitty torture, but I’m actually giving Sundae a face massage.  Eyes closed, you can tell she was completely enjoying it. She was in my lap, and yes, those are my feet  in the background.

sundae massage 9-12-2014 7-48-17 PM

3.) Equal time for Gypsy: she has a new kitty bed. And approved it right away. Miss Gypsy will star in her own blog post one day next week.

gypsys new bed 9-13-2014 4-57-33 PM

4.) I caught Groom Swan and three ducks sleeping in our yard recently; Groom Swan standing on one leg….impersonating a sea gull, I guess.

groom swan sleeping 9-19-2014 3-38-15 PM

5.) Motor Man and  I are planning to attend the first ever Bacon, Bourbon and Beach Music Festival in our little town this weekend. (Two different tickets are available: one includes bourbon, one doesn’t. Since we don’t drink, we bought the latter.) We’re looking forward to the bacon and beach music, and the weather is supposed to be just about perfect for an outdoor event.

bacon bourbon beach

 Happy Weekend, and I’m hoping for easier blogging next week.

~These Days Of Mine~