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The Beach: Take Two

Since our previous attempt (last week) at driving on the beach was aborted due to the condition of the sand, Motor Man and I tried again on Saturday.

The second time was definitely a success.  After nearly a week of cloudy, cool days that included mist and rain, Saturday’s weather couldn’t have been more beautiful: sunny and mid 70’s.

It’s always a treat to see horses on the dunes. Those storm clouds in the distance just added to the beauty of these three.  (No, it never stormed at the Outer Banks during our day trip.)

three on the dunes 6-6-2015 3-54-34 PM 6-6-2015 3-54-34 PM

Once in awhile, we see horses in one of the many canals in the Carova area. I noticed one kept pulling something up out of the water…

three in the canal 6-6-2015 3-11-25 PM

…seaweed (I suppose).  He would sling it around on his back to either shoo off flies or perhaps take a mini-shower?

horse and seaweed 6-6-2015 3-11-07 PM

 But the absolute thrill of our day was this: two mares and a stallion on the beach.

stallion and mares 6-6-2015 3-58-55 PM

But apparently the guy was the one who needed a nap.

yawn 6-6-2015 4-03-12 PM

So beautiful; definitely worth the wait and the second trip.

horse sitting 6-6-2015 4-01-38 PM

Thanks, Motor Man, for extending my birthday celebration with a visit to “my” wild horses.

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