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Come Along On Yet Another Horse Tour

(I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.)

On Monday, Motor Man and I, once again, had the opportunity to take friends up on the beach to see the wild horses.  It’s especially rewarding to take those who’ve never had the opportunity to visit that area.

The temps were in the mid to upper 90’s that day, and we saw 65 horses in total.  Many were down by the ocean, attempting to stay as cool as possible.

horses and people 6-15-2015 12-02-30 PM

 I’ve most likely mentioned this before, but there’s a Currituck County ordinance requiring that people stay at least 50 feet from the wild horses.  I think a lesser known “rule” is that, if the horses approach you, you should quietly move away. Although there were LOTS of people on the beach, we didn’t see anyone violating the 50- foot law. And, although in some of my photos, the horses look close, the pictures were taken using my “long” lens. After I upload them to my computer, I usually crop them to bring the image in closer.

Toes hooves in the water…

toes1 6-15-2015 12-01-28 PM

Horses were everywhere.  I think this one is so gorgeous.

bowing 6-15-2015 12-38-48 PM

Some were cooling off in one of the many canals…

canal 6-15-2015 12-46-28 PM

…including (drum roll, please) three-day-old Guillermo! I had seen his photo on the Corolla Wild Horse Fund Facebook page, and was hoping for a glimpse of him.  This was my “treasure” for the day. He is so very tiny; I sure hope he grows strong quickly.

guillermoa 6-15-2015 12-48-34 PM 6-15-2015 12-48-34 PM

And, finally, reflecting on the day…

reflection 6-15-2015 1-20-19 PM

…I’d say it was just about perfect.

~These Days Of Mine~