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Meeting In Person

You may recall from previous posts that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting (in person) several bloggers over the past few years. Although we all love reading each other’s blog posts, there’s just something special about meeting in person.

One of the first bloggers that I subscribed to was Emjay And Them (MJ).  I had the honor of being Freshly Pressed a few years ago, and that’s how MJ found my blog. She also had a post featured on the Word Press Freshly Pressed page.

I really never thought we’d ever have a chance to meet in person: after all, she lives in Michigan, and we’re in Virginia. But a few weeks ago, she messaged me that she’d be in Washington, DC on business in June, so we quickly began making plans.

Yesterday, Motor Man and I drove to Springfield, VA (just outside of DC) and met MJ for lunch.

dbmj2 6-11-2015 12-39-21 PM

Her sweet, vivacious, friendly personality that shines through in her blog posts is even more evident in person.

We exchanged gifts: she had a funny DC magnet for Motor Man and a Petoskey Stone for me.   You should be able to enlarge the photo if necessary to read about it, but those stones are made of fossilized coral and are found on the beaches of Lake Michigan and Lake Huron. (Definitely not something I’d find on my nearby shelling trips.)

mjs gifts 6-11-2015 6-43-38 PM

When you meet someone for the first time, ever wonder what you’ll find to talk about?  Yeah, me neither.  We met at 11, and when her (pre-scheduled) taxi arrived at 1:30, it caught us in mid-sentence.

mjdb4 6-11-2015 12-39-01 PM

I think we were both a bit relieved that she needed to leave quickly to avoid making the driver wait: we both would have probably gotten emotional had we had time for more than a quick hug good-bye.

dbmj3 6-11-2015 12-39-28 PM

On our way home, one of Motor Man’s buddies called and asked him what we’d been doing.  Motor Man replied that we’d gone to have lunch with a blogging friend of mine, then added: “a pretty neat lady”.

Motor Man and I tend to agree on many things.

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