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Summer Storm

For the past few days, we’ve had thunderstorms every evening.  The rain has been nice, since it’s meant that I haven’t had to drag garden hoses all over the yard to water plants.

But Sunday night’s storms were of the severe sort; the kind with the crackling/sizzling lightning strikes that let you know the storm is close.  In fact, a lightning strike started a house fire two streets over from us. The house is, most likely, a total loss.  It was beyond frightening to look out our window and see flames probably 30+ feet in the air. There were no injuries, but our thoughts are with the family as they deal with the loss of their home and possessions.

Monday evening’s storm was much less fierce.  Because it was cloudy, I hadn’t given any thought to the sunset. Then, I checked Facebook and noticed a photo that our niece, Liz, who lives nearby, had posted of a massive storm cloud. And I headed outside, camera in hand.

storm cloud and sun 7-6-2015 8-01-13 PM

It was eerie. And beautiful at the same time.

storm cloud and marina 7-6-2015 8-02-04 PM

Rain was definitely on the way.

sun rain clouds2 7-6-2015 8-05-13 PM

But, white swan wasn’t concerned in the least. She was just interested in dinner.

swan 7-6-2015 8-01-31 PM

Thanks, Liz, for the heads-up.

 clouds birds 7-6-2015 8-13-23 PM

I would have been disappointed to miss that photo op.

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