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Our Fourth

Motor Man and I spent July 4 at the Outer Banks. I readily admit that I had serious doubts about driving there on a weekend, especially a holiday weekend.

And, indeed, that morning, it took us an hour and 15 minutes to drive five miles once we got to the area. (For those of you familiar with the Outer Banks, that was from the bypass to the town of Duck.)

But once we got ON the beach, what a wonderful day we had: sunny skies with puffy white clouds, temps in the mid 80’s and a wonderful breeze. It was a windows-down kind of day.

Add horses to that mix, and the day was just about perfect.

horse on dune 7-4-2015 11-06-49 AM

What a treat this was!  In this semi-secluded location, we saw a total of 21 horses. Look at that beauty on the far left with the “highlights” in her mane.

pasture 7-4-2015 11-40-41 AM

We most certainly were NOT the only folks on the beach.

folks on the beach 7-4-2015 1-06-33 PM

And although I love photographing “my” horses, this is perhaps my favorite picture taken that day.

dunes and flag 7-4-2015 1-26-40 PM

I should have known that Motor Man would make the day fun – even having to deal with holiday traffic.  Oh, and that five mile stretch that took so long to travel Saturday morning?  We made the return trip that afternoon in 12 minutes.

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