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Virginia’s Blue Ridge In The Fall

Motor Man and I took a day trip to the Virginia mountains last week. I can’t say that we hit the fall foliage at the very peak, but it was still a beautiful ride.

It’s easy to see why the name “Blue Ridge”.

field and mountains 10-22-2015 9-26-16 AM

This wonderful little antique shop was one of our stops.  The name is Old Raggedy Ann Antiques, and it’s located in an old country store in the map-dot of Etlan, Va. Wouldn’t it be nice if all old buildings could be given a second life like this?

raggedy ann antiques 10-22-2015 10-25-20 AM

Please pardon the blurred fence (another 55 mph capture), but this scene was too pretty not to share.

barn and foliage 10-22-2015 12-39-07 PM

During a stop at a scenic overlook, we noticed another couple attempting to take a selfie. We asked if they’d take a picture of us, since we’ve never had much success with selfies.  As it turns out, they felt the same way, so we returned the favor.

dbjr mountains 10-22-2015 2-05-59 PM

Another wonderful day trip in the books.

mountain road 10-22-2015 12-31-19 PM

Where to next, Motor Man?

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