Daily Archives: October 14, 2015

Another Antoine Antic

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon cleaning the garage. It was a perfect day for the job.

As I worked at sweeping, throwing away and  tidying up, I glanced out the garage door window. There was Antoine; apparently he’d been waiting so long for me to notice him, he decided to sit and stay awhile.

antoine garage door

So, of course, I gave him some corn, and went back to my chores.

A little while later, something outside the window caught my eye. And I just had to video it. (There are sound effects.)

I’m not sure if he had a problem with that flag, or thought it was something he could eat. If it hadn’t been on the pole, would he have carried it away? At any rate, it’s now been moved to an area of the yard he doesn’t frequent….at least, not yet.

Oh, and the garage is all clean.

~These Days Of Mine~