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Powerful, Beautiful, Sad

Not having a day trip in mind for this week, on Monday, we decided on the spur of the moment to drive to the Outer Banks to see the ocean’s wrath. She was angry as a result of Hurricane Joaquin, which thankfully, turned out to sea before reaching the east coast.

We had learned that a section of the “beach road”, Highway 12, which runs along the ocean, had been destroyed by ocean wash. As we approached that area, we noticed the spray from the ocean coming over the dune.  The grass looked as if it had been sprayed with artificial snow.

ocean wash on dune1 10-5-2015 2-11-31 PM

We just happened to be there around the time of high tide.  Motor Man took this picture; that’s me on the right, recording a video of a wave coming over the highway.

db and ocean wash 10-5-2015 2-50-00 PM

Although it was raining, and the wind was strong,  people were coming to see not only the damage to the road, but also the power of the ocean. (That’s my Motor Man on the far right.)

folks 10-5-2015 3-08-23 PM

 Every time I thought I’d taken enough pictures and was ready to leave,  I’d see another huge wave coming ashore, and I’d keep snapping.

wave 10-5-2015 2-58-39 PM

This section of highway was damaged by a storm back in the spring and repaired soon afterward.  See the wooden beach access walkway in the background?

street 10-5-2015 3-06-12 PM

Motor Man and I were there in May and walked out on that access. You can see the newly-completed repair of the highway.

road repaired 5-22-2015 11-25-040

And that beach house in the distance right on the ocean?  That’s Pelican’s Watch, and she’s still standing!

pelicans watch1 10-5-2015 3-15-35 PM

I apologize for the shakiness of this video; the wind was so strong, I was having a difficult time holding my cell phone still.

Once again, Motor Man had a great idea for a day trip. The ocean was angry/beautiful and a sight to witness.  We were sad to see the damage it was causing, but thankful that it wasn’t worse.

 ~These Days Of Mine~