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Rescues: The Series, Baby William

My regular readers (thank you) probably don’t need any reminders about Baby William, the Corolla foal. But, for those of you who may have happened upon this page without knowing who he is, here’s a very brief recap.

William, one of the wild Corolla horses of the Outer Banks, was born on June 12.  Motor Man and I happened to visit the area three days later.  William was walking along the edge of one of the canals in the area, and we were very concerned about his well-being.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund folks (who manage the herd) had been keeping watch on William, knowing that he didn’t appear to be well. The next day, they removed him from the herd and rushed him to a veterinarian hospital for emergency care.

William has made a complete recovery, and is currently at the CWHF rescue facility.  He has been adopted and will be moving to his new home in the spring.

At the open house we attended Saturday at the rescue facility, William was definitely the star of the show.

william closeup 10-31-2015 9-54-29 AM

It was so nice to finally meet him after watching his progress updates on the CWHF site. That’s Pebbles, his surrogate mom, in the background.  She keeps a close watch on him.

db wm pebbles2 thru fence 10-31-2015 9-32-21 AM 10-31-2015 9-32-21 AM

 I printed a couple of photos we took of William the day we saw him on the beach and took them with us Saturday.

guillermoa 6-15-2015 12-48-34 PM 6-15-2015 12-48-34 PM

One of my favorite photos taken at the open house was this one of Motor Man showing William and Pebbles the picture.

jr and pic of wm 10-31-2015 10-03-51 AM

William may no longer be wild, but we’re thinking that his little hairdo is.

williams mane 10-31-2015 10-06-26 AM

Motor Man and I were so happy that our friend, Donna, was able to go with us Saturday. We were all honored to have our photo “taken with” William and Pebbles.

donnajrdb 10-31-2015 10-12-13 AM

A gorgeous day and beautiful horses=LOTS of photos.

william and pebbles good 10-31-2015 10-10-37 AM

William, doing his little stuffed animal impression.

william stretched out 10-31-2015 9-34-36 AM

We are happy you’re doing well, Baby William, and we were thrilled to meet you. Maybe we’ll get to visit again before you move to your new home.


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