Daily Archives: November 9, 2015

The Kitties Have Spoken

Sundae and Gypsy have spoken, and their message is loud and clear: they feel they’ve been neglected recently here on These Days. (I think their actual words were: “horses, schmorses”.)

So today is kitty day here on the blog.

Although I have many photos of Sundae, she doesn’t always photograph as a cute kitty.  I’m not sure why that is: perhaps she had to become street smart in her former life.

One evening last week, she was in my lap, under her blankie (a blue throw). My cell phone was nearby, so I slipped back the throw and took this picture.  Now, THIS is a sweet kitty face, my little green-eyed lady..

sundae 11-3-2015 9-08-25 PM

As for Gypsy,  she has a new game. Although we bought her a nice, new, soft “kitty tunnel”, she still prefers the empty Edelbrock intake manifold box.  And her new game involves that box and a kitty toy I bought her at the dollar store.  She prefers the simple things in life: an empty box and a $1.00 toy.) It’s amazing how quickly she heads for that box so we can play this game every time I walk in the office.

Well, hopefully now we’re back in favor with the kitties….

~These Days Of Mine~