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More Family Treasures

This week’s Veterans’ Day observations brought to mind a couple of family treasures discovered during the auction we attended last month.

The first is a photo of my mom’s brother, Bennie, who was a soldier during World War II.

uncle bennie soldier 11-12-2015 9-28-12 AM

Uncle Bennie was a prisoner of war for some time, but along with another soldier, was able to escape past a sleeping guard. I was told as a young child that he didn’t like talking about the war, so I never learned the details of his experience.

A copy of that photo was in a basket of family pictures that I brought home from the auction last month.  The picture wasn’t new to me, but the treasure was found when I turned it over to look at the back:

back of uncle bennies pic 11-12-2015 9-33-13 AM

That is my grandmother’s (Bennie’s mom’s) handwriting. I’m guessing, by writing” from Mother” at the bottom that she was sharing this picture with another of her children. (Interesting that it appears to be a postcard.) How special it must have been for her to receive this photo from  her son so far away from home.

I also found another familiar photo in the basket. These are my grandparents (Bennie’s parents).

grandma grandaddy 11-12-2015 9-28-12 AM

And again: another poignant message on the back:

back of grandma grandaddys pic 11-12-2015 9-31-43 AM

Obviously, Grandma had included a copy of this picture in a care package sent to Uncle Bennie during his time in the service.

We all probably feel the same when we look on the back of a newly discovered old family photo: we’re either going to be excited to see information there – or disappointed if it’s blank.

Although I’m always happy to have any old family photos, seeing my grandmother’s handwriting on the back of these, and knowing the circumstances, make them even more special.

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