Off The Beaten Path

Recently, Motor Man’s hydroplane (race boat ) engine business took us to the Eastern Shore of Virginia.

On the way home, we decided to take the back roads in search of some different sights.  We found the little waterside village of Willis Wharf.  Signage informed us that in the 18th and 19th centuries, this was a major deep-water port for watermen, harvesting oysters, clams and scallops.  Now, shellfish farming is a big business in the area. The ruins of this old dock caught our eye.  At one point, it was most likely a very busy place.

old dock best 5-28-2016 5-27-13 PM

Nearby, there was an observation area that we visited. The Willis Wharf community is in the distance.

db jr willis wharf 5-28-2016 5-38-33 PM

We spotted The Exmore Diner, a quaint rail car-type diner.  (Later we learned that it was brought to the area from New Jersey in 1954.) The parking lot was overflowing, so we decided it may be a good place for dinner.  We enjoyed the atmosphere and the food, and, although we’re fairly certain we were the only non-locals, we felt welcomed.

exmore diner 5-28-2016 5-17-53 PM

Venturing off the beaten path is rarely a disappointment.

~These Days Of Mine~

15 responses to “Off The Beaten Path

  1. Totally agree–those off the beaten path trips are always winners for us. Love the diner–Chris is all about diners so he would have been jumping at the chance to visit that one.

  2. There are no better sights then those captured off the beaten path.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  3. Looks like another great adventure! I love the diner. They are very common in NJ and PA. We have two in my little home town in PA. They were a hang out when we were teens. If you had enough money for fries and a cherry coke you were golden!

  4. Back road adventures are definitely the BEST sources of unique treasures. Looks like you found a couple of new favorites.

  5. Y’all find the coolest places..!
    Never heard of Willis Wharf … I bet they have an interesting history..
    Time for research !

  6. What a great diner! And a beautiful photo of you and MM.

  7. Exploring sometimes leads to great “treasures” – what a nice diner AND friendly folks… a bit of nostalgia with the old wharf back in the day when it was SUPER busy with fishermen and their catch.


  8. You two do have the best adventures and I’m glad you share them all with us!

  9. Finding out of the way spots like that is always such a special treat.

  10. Those spontaneous finds are priceless. I have to ask though, what did the diner serve–traditional sandwich fare or seafood?

  11. The Eastern Shore is full of forgotten towns. We go almost every year, usually staying in Chincoteague.

  12. You and MM find the most charming and interesting places. 🙂

  13. I love “off the beaten path.”

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Chuck and I love going “off the beaten paths! What good times and treasures we have found.

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