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Flowers, Gifts….And Wild Horses

Sunday, we had a full day of celebrating Mother’s Day.  Sundae and Gypsy each gave me a hanging basket. (Yes, it’s true.) Motor Man and I went out to breakfast with Marshall, and his gift to me was a nautical door decoration.

Motor Man and I then took his mom irises from our yard and treated her to lunch, a ride out in the country and an ice cream cone.

By this time, it was nearly mid-afternoon, and I thought we we would be heading home. Wrong. I should know my husband better than that.

His gift to me was a whirlwind trip to the Outer Banks to see “my” wild horses.

And, oh my goodness, did we see horses? Evidently they were all out enjoying the beautiful weather.

First, we saw these four beauties enjoying a meal up on one of the steepest dunes at the beach.  They were having a difficult time keeping their footing.

4 on dune 5-8-2016 4-53-32 PM

We don’t recall ever seeing as many hoof prints in the sand as we did on Sunday.  Apparently there had been a horse beach party earlier in the day.  We were glad to see some of them still enjoying the surf. (How about that blonde mane?  And the coloring on her friend is striking, too.)

blondie and friend 5-8-2016 4-58-42 PM

I never tire of scenes like this. Seeing the horses down by the water’s edge is always a treat.

4 horses on beach 5-8-2016 5-02-32 PM

It isn’t often that we get to see the horses running, but that was the case on the other side of the dunes.

5 running2 5-8-2016 5-39-53 PM

And, finally, allow me to introduce you to a celebrity of sorts. This is Gus.  Gus is a stallion that was brought to the Corolla area in November, 2014, from Cedar Island, NC in an attempt to begin strengthening the genetics of the herd. New blood, so to speak.  He is a descendant of the Shackleford Banks horses, and is a Colonial Spanish Mustang, as are the wild horses at Corolla.*

Gus was hanging out down by the water with his harem of three mares, when he spotted another stallion looking their way from the dunes. Gus went to take care of the situation.*

stallion gus2 5-8-2016 6-02-55 PM

The matter was taken care of in short order, and the other stallion retreated. Thankfully, no fighting was involved.  I could never choose a favorite of the pictures I’ve taken of the wild horses, but this would be high on the list. *

gus windblown 5-8-2016 6-03-05 PM

It was a perfect Mother’s Day: time spent with family, followed by a trip to see “my” beautiful horses on the beach.

db and horses2 5-8-2016 6-05-35 PM

 I am one fortunate girl.

*CORRECTION:  I have now learned that the black stallion was NOT Gus.  I will be also be sharing a correction on my next blog post.

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