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Teetotalers At A Winery

There’s a new winery in town. Actually, it’s about 45 minutes from us, but it’s in the general area where I grew up and attended school.

Motor Man and I don’t drink and have never drunk. So why would the two of us ever visit a winery?

Several reasons:

The winery boasts the tallest “goat tower” in the world, 35 feet tall. Who knew that goats even climbed towers? As we drove into the parking lot last weekend, a goat was looking out the window of the tower, but before I could jump out of the vehicle and get in position for a picture, he’d already run down those steps. Sadly, I didn’t get another photo op with the goats.

goat tower 5-20-2016 4-11-10 PM

Our reason for visiting the winery this particular weekend was that there was to be a Hot Air Balloon festival. We know a guy who owns a hot air balloon company:  you may recall that we helped him and his crew launch the balloon one morning a couple of years ago. He and Motor Man were in touch last week, and we scheduled a ride for the two of us and our friend, Donna, who was also planning to attend the festival.

jr and mark 5-20-2016 4-16-53 PM

Sadly, the wind was too strong that evening for the balloons to fly, then rain canceled all flights for the remainder of the weekend.

 But, even though we don’t drink, and there were no balloon rides, it was still a fun evening. Motor Man and Donna shared a laugh. Well, maybe more than one.

donna and jr3 5-20-2016 4-18-00 PM

Then, she took some photos of Motor Man and me. I borrowed a bottle of wine as a “prop”.

db jr winery1 5-20-2016 6-53-09 PM

And we had a little fun with the photo session.

jrdb kiss 5-20-2016 6-53-43 PM

Who needs wine?

dbjr walking 5-20-2016 6-53-46 PM

See?  It is possible for teetotalers to have a good time at a winery.

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