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A Vacation With Company

My niece, Donna, and her son, Connor, came to visit last week.  While they were here, it was like a mini-vacation for Motor Man and me.  I’ve been trying to decide how to share with you the many adventures we had and have determined that it will take more than one post, regardless of how brief I am. So, here’s the first installment.

One of our outings was a trip to Williamsburg, which involved a ferry ride. I happened to remember a photo, taken in  2009, of Connor and me on the same ferry.  So we had fun with a little re-enactment.

2016-07-04 Donna Connor Wmsbrg

When Marshall came to visit with us later in the week, he and Connor indulged me with yet another re-enactment. This before photo was also from 2009.

marshall connor collage 7-12-2016 3-13-57 PM

All this growing on Connor’s part jogged something in Motor Man’s mind, resulting in this:

donna connor jr gyp 7-11-2016 1-24-15 PM

As you can see, Donna was looking on, while Gypsy couldn’t understand why no one was paying attention to her. But, with Motor Man’s precise measurements, we learned that, since the last time we checked during their visit two years ago, Connor has grown nearly seven (7) inches.

Although we had some true adventures, which I’ll share with you on Friday, we also spent quite a bit of time “just” visiting.   Which meant more pictures….

4 of us closeup 7-11-2016 11-11-014

And hugs.

jr connor hug 7-11-2016 1-22-41 PM

 Friday will be the action part of the vacation. Get ready: it’s pretty fast-paced.

~These Days Of Mine~

Random Five Friday

Five randoms for the first Friday in July:

1.) I would love for my readers to submit captions for this photo I took a few days ago:

can i ride 6-29-2016 5-54-25 AM

2.) A striking sunrise from last Friday morning:

sunrise1 6-24-2016 5-43-16 AM 6-24-2016 5-43-16 AM

3.) A silly picture of me during last week’s Olden Days. Earlier in the day, I had bought an old watering can for $15 at the “vintage market”, then saw this very similar one in an antique shop – for $43.

db watering can

4.  I’ve often said that early morning is my favorite time of day.  Recently, I stepped outside on our deck one morning, camera in hand, and soon realized I wasn’t alone. Three fawns and an older deer were enjoying the morning as well. (Sound on: the birds were happy, too.)

5.) Next week, I’m taking a little vacation from blogging. We have family coming in from out of town, and it looks to be a busy week.

A safe and happy Fourth!

flag at sunset 4-22-2015 7-11-38 PM

~These Days Of Mine~