Daily Archives: August 15, 2016

You Are SO Busted

And just WHAT do we have here?


You are SO busted, Missy.

busted 3

My readers probably didn’t notice that little snippet of one of my plants hanging from your mouth.  We can see it better in this close-up.

close up 8-14-2016 5-29-39 PM

Do you really think those sweet little doe eyes are going to save you?

doe eyes 8-14-2016 5-29-50 PM

Well, yeah, you’re probably right.  But as soon as I type the last word of this post, I’m heading outside with Liquid Stench Fence.  Those plants won’t be nearly as tasty the next time you sneak into my flowerbed.

And are you wearing mascara?

~These Days Of Mine~