Daily Archives: August 17, 2016

Flowers In My…..Toes

Today, I’m sharing what I think is just a fun picture.

For over a week, we’ve had temps in the mid 90’s, no rain, and the heat index has been as high as 114. That’s meant that, most evenings, I’ve been outside in the flowerbeds with a garden hose, trying to save all those plants that I couldn’t resist buying back in the spring.

But, this picture doesn’t involve any of the flowers I planted this year.  The flower in this picture is a perennial, although I can never recall the name. And it’s plentiful. I’ve pulled up and thrown away quite a few of them. So, when I’m watering in that area,  I don’t walk around it: I walk through it.

A couple of evenings ago, I was outside watering. It was so hot, and as us Southern girls are prone to do in those situations, I was “glistening”. I knew that I had something caught between my toes, but I was in a hurry to finish my chores, so I didn’t stop to see what it was. When I finally took time to look down….

toe flowers

“….be sure to wear some flowers in your hair toes…”

~These Days Of Mine~