Daily Archives: August 24, 2016

Sundae Says: We Do Windows

Hello, everyone! Remember me? I don’t get much attention here on These Days, but I’m still around, trying to keep those Motor people in line.

Yesterday, Motor Mommy washed windows. I know that she couldn’t have done it without my help. While she was outside, I was snoopervising from inside – showing her the spots she missed.

gypsy window washer2

 I was also keeping a close eye on her and that ladder.

sundae ladder

When she first started the job,  I was trying to catch the paper towels from inside as she swished them around the windowpane.  She tried to make a video of me doing that, but, of course,  I wouldn’t cooperate.

I do have my dignity to protect.

(Oh, and she did an okay job on the windows.)

~These Days Of Mine~