Random Five Friday

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Random Five Friday, so today’s the day, and my thoughts are REALLY random.

1.)  This is what caught-in-the-act looks like.  Guilty of eating what’s left of my poor hydrangea. (That’s a trellis in the background.)


2.) A couple of weeks ago, Marshall attended his first ever “horror movie convention” (Monster Mania). That’s one interest he certainly didn’t get from his mom. He had a great time, met several celebrities, got their autographs and had photos taken with them.  But, this picture tops them all.  This is Robert Englund, best known for his role as Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare On Elm Street movies.  He had just autographed a “Freddy” razor glove for Marshall’s buddy. When Marshall stepped up for a photo, Robert donned the glove, placed it up against Marshall’s beard and said (in his Freddy voice): “Just a little trim…..!”


3.) Motor Man and I took a drive out in the country last week and passed an alpaca farm.  I spotted this tiny little one and just had to get a picture, albeit not a very good one. They remind me so much of stuffed animals.


4.)  Our town held its annual Bacon, Bourbon and Beach Music festival the weekend before Hurricane Matthew. The portable “Virginia is for Lovers LOVE sign” was on location.  That’s historic Windsor Castle in the background.


Motor Man and I didn’t have an opportunity to have our picture taken the day of the festival, but since the sign was still there a few days later, we had our chance.


5.)  The Outer Banks sustained major damage during Hurricane Matthew.  We took a trip earlier this week to check on our place (thankfully, it was unscathed), but a section of the roadway nearby known as the “beach road” washed away once again. I’ve shared photos of previous storms’ damage (a nor’easter and Hurricane Joaquin) to this area.  The Carova area, several miles north and home to “my” wild horses, had extreme flooding.  Although driving on the beach is possible now, we don’t know when we’ll be able to access the areas on the other side of the dunes where we most often see the horses.


Note:  next week, I’ll be blogging on Tuesday and Thursday.

Happy weekend!

~These Days Of Mine~

13 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. HA! The deer almost looks like she has a “mounted” deer head on that trellis (eeeek!). Love that photo of Marshall having some fun at the convention and LOVE is in the air whenever you and MM take a photo of the two of you together. The beach road was a sad situation but the “horse hunting” off road will just have to wait I suppose. Meanwhile, so many other places are going to be recovering from Matthew for a VERY VERY long time – like poor Lumberton, NC – they are totally under water everywhere since their levee broke after 17 inches of rain..


  2. Great pictures and the tint alpaca and “who me” deer BUT that picture of Marshall and Freddie Krueger is just priceless! !! That is a perfect post for Halloween! ! His picture with Shannon Elizabeth was great too. Good weekend!

  3. The devastation caused by Matthew in parts of North Carolina is heartbreaking. Aw…I want one of those little “stuffed animals.”

  4. The face of that deer leaves me without words… totally cracks me up! I agree with Jill, Matthew’s devastation is heartbreaking.

  5. True RANDOMNESS at its best. LOVE the picture of Marshall getting a trim – too funny! Two examples of innocent animals – the alpaca (truly) and the deer (NOT!!)! The devastation from the storms always makes me sad. But the picture of the two loves (the sign and you and your hubby) at Windsor Castle made me smile.

  6. Good to see your ‘randoms’ back on Friday. That photo of Marshall and “Freddy” is a hoot! I’m in love with alpacas ever since I made friends with one sweet little faced one at a county fair this summer. And finally, the storm’s aftermath shows the reality of its wrath, doesn’t it?

  7. -This deer looks guilty- & the trellis almost looks like some sort of headgear!
    -Robert Englund’s a cool dude.. & that glove was all he needed to switch personalities .. Met a few other celebs, but you’re right, Donna : my pic with Shannon was near the top.. such a beauty ! ; )
    -The little alpaca almost looks like a cutout against the green grass
    -It seems like I’ve seen the “LOVE” sign somewhere else recently ?
    -Looks like time for another beach road rebuild : /

  8. So neat Marshall got a fantastic picture with Robert Englund! Worth the price of the whole event, no doubt. I LOVE the deer. Priceless. I spent last night looking up alpacas, wow, did not know they were so pricey, but oh my are they adorable. Virginia looks like such a lovely place to live and roam, despite the storms. The beautiful places, faces, and wild horses are so inviting. Such amazing photos as usual, sigh…

  9. Loved your Love picture . Matthew certainly did a lot of damage. Glad your place is okay!

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Marshall looked like he had a great time! The picture with him and Robert Englund is priceless. A great R5F!!

  11. 1) Absolutely adorable caught-in-the-act. Wow, what a great shot of that magnificent animal. (I have a trellis much like that one)
    2) What great fun it must have been for Marshall at the Horror Convention. I like that photo. What a character Robert E. is.
    3) What a sweet baby alpaca. I agree, it does look like a stuffed animal. Very huggable.
    4) ‘Bacon, Bourbon and Beach Music festival’ pretty much sounds like a southern dream come true.
    The Love sign in front of Windor Castle Looks like the begining of Romance Novel. And of course it’s a true story with you & MM posing in front of it. Sweet!
    5) It’s bad about the storm damage. I hope the horses are safe. I can imagine how confused they must get during bad weather and flooding.

    Hope your weekend is a happy one!

  12. The deer’s face is priceless. Sorry about your hydrangea. I imagine Marshall had a great time at the convention. I’ve never seen a young alpaca! That is just TOO CUTE! Nice shot of you two with LOVE. That’s a lot of damage to the road.

  13. Well, I was going to say how I love the deer, but that baby alpaca is even cuter! Glad your beach place made it through the storm.

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