Little Things Come In….BIG Boxes

Motor Man thought my recent Amazon experience might make an interesting blog post.  Actually, it wasn’t really the experience that made us laugh, but rather the packaging of the items I purchased.

Since my eyelashes are naturally stick-straight, I began using an eyelash curler when I was a teenager.  Maybelline was always the brand I used, and although I never saw that it helped much, I kept trying. Then, in the late 1990’s, I met someone who suggested I try a Sheseido brand curler.  Since then, that’s the only curler I’ve used.  Since no stores in our area sell that brand, I must order it online.  That’s where Amazon enters the picture.

When I added the curler to my cart last week, Amazon thoughtfully suggested that other customers who had bought that item also purchased the curler refills, so I added those to my cart as well.

A few days later, a box, which contained the curler, arrived. The size of the box was in proportion to the curler, not that we really noticed at the time.   (I removed the packing material before taking the picture.)


The refills arrived the following day, sent from a different company.


I ‘m guessing the company that sold the refills had no smaller boxes available the day my product was shipped.  At least that tiny little package of refills was securely buried in packing material… in that huge box.

~These Days Of Mine~


11 responses to “Little Things Come In….BIG Boxes

  1. HA! Typical….packaging is an art I think which some folks are a little bit “casual” about. That’s so funny. At least you HAVE eyelashes – my year of chemo just about wiped mine out – and I won’t wear false ones. The few I have left won’t curl with a curler – perhaps the answer is the Sheseido brand……on the other hand, with a total of about ten eyelashes maybe I’ll just stick with “au natural” !!


  2. AMAZING! At least you got your ordered item. I’ve never tried a curler, maybe I should check out your brand. I’ve always felt my eyelashes were just there, and that there was nothing I could do besides mascara to help them out. Oh – and why is it that guys have the thickest, curliest, most beautiful eyelashes??? Just wondering!

  3. A perfect opportunity for them to get rid of that box that was getting in the way … ; )

  4. LOL! I am so happy those teeny refills came in the BIG box because that made this post happen and I need a new curler that the handle doesn’t hurt my hand and so now Ima try your Shiseido. Now that I am looking it doesn’t look like it has anything on the metal handles. 😦

  5. That is too funny! In a way it’s nice that they were so intent on getting your purchase to you, regardless of the box size. 🙂 Sharing on Twitter.

  6. That is crazy, especially in these days of recycling and “save the forest”. But I am more interested in the brand of eyelash curler, but I guess I will ask these questions in person. Good weekend my friend!

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Very interesting packing!! lol

  8. I order a lot from Amazon, too – and am always amazed at the packaging – BUT I love the various sized boxes, easy to nest/stack and save for Christmas wrapping and shipping 🙂 Those inflated bags? Those are called air pillows and as a packaging engineer, something that Hubbs sells – that plus the printed Amazon (blue) tape to seal the boxes. Yep, one of his accounts 🙂 MJ

  9. We too have received boxes like that from Amazon – huge boxes full of air pillows and one little thing we ordered. Crazy.

  10. Oh my my my. Well at least it was packed large enough that it didn’t get lost in shipping. 😀

  11. One would have thought a padded envelope would do! This made me think of an eBay purchase I received today. It was padded and taped and then some more–it had everything but crime-scene tape on it! LOL

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