Monday Morning Mews

Good morning, readers: Sundae here.  It was my sisfur, Gypsy’s, turn to write the post today, but she graciously allowed me to write instead.  She’ll return to the blog next Monday.

The pet blogosphere was so sad when we learned the news on Friday that our dear furriend, Sammy (One Spoiled Cat), had crossed over Rainbow Bridge. Sammy would have been 17 years old in a few weeks, and his body was just tired. If you’ve been a long-time reader of These Days, you may recall that Sammy was my “boycatfriend”.

sundae5 8-16-2015 7-57-35 AM

Sammy and I “attended” many social events together: parties, picnics, dances….


Valentine’s Balls….


Isn’t he handsome? And such a gentleman.


I am so very sad, but we are all happy to hear from Sammy’s Mom, Miss Pam, that his blog will continue.  We’re looking forward to posts from “Angel Sam”.

sundae in the sunrise 8-19-2011 1-19-59 AM

Sammy,  I miss you, and I was always honored to be your “girl Sundae”.

~These Days Of Mine~

14 responses to “Monday Morning Mews

  1. I am so delighted to have Angel Sammy posting! It makes me HAPPY! Lovely post, Sundae.

  2. Thank you dear Sundae……you know I am always there with you and all my friends and most especially my Mom and Dad – FOREVER. Life here at the Bridge is beautiful but we all miss our families so much like they miss us. I loved going to all those special blogosphere events with you on my arm! Thank you for being so special. I will still be blogging though thanks to the fact that we have terrific Wi-Fi at the Bridge!!!!!

    Hugs, Angel Sammy

  3. Sweet post. Special thoughts to Sammy’s family.

  4. We’re also happy that Sammy is blogging from the Bridge. We also enjoyed having Sundae join in on a lot of our events at the TCC and at Scouts.

    The Florida Furkids

  5. Sundae and you and Sammy were and still are a very very handsome couple. We loved seeing you 2 dressed to the 9’s.
    We send you extra hugs cause we know you miss your Special guy but he has a fine set of deluxe wings so I’m sure he will be in and out flitting about.
    Hugs madi your bfff

  6. A fitting memorial..
    Looking forward to future posts!

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sundae, so sorry to hear of the loss of our friend Sammy. Hold on to those wonderful memories and what a blessing, Sammy, will keep sending his love from the Bridge ❤

  8. Sundae, I love your “”Tribute Post” to the wonderful, late, great Sammy. The pictures are wonderful and you both look so happy. I know you will always treasure your time together. Sammy ‘ s beautiful spirit will be with us in pictures and remembrances like this so he will always be near.Thanks for the memorial post Sundae.

  9. Awwww, my heart goes out to you all….

  10. Oh Sundae, what a wonderful post! Mes was so sad for yous when mes heard about Sammy. Mes knows how much he cared about yous and yous was such a wonderful couple!
    Mes so happy he will continue to post from OTB.
    Mes sends yous Many Many kisses Grrl Furrend!
    Your Nellie (who used to be The Cat From Hell)

  11. Sundae, your picture is so adorable. Sorry to hear about Sammy – sounds like he celebrated a wonderful life.

  12. Sundae you are so beautiful inside and out…such a sweetheart:) I’m sending you kitty loves and your mom hugs. We are so sorry that you lost your very special boyfriend, Sammy. I miss him too…sending lots of huggies….

  13. Aw, I hope Sammy gets to meet our Callie on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.

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