A Horse, A Carriage, A New Little Friend

Our little town really comes alive this time of year with all the Christmas festivities.  Saturday, there was a Christmas Craft Market, an antique show and sale as well as a homes tour.

A couple of friends and I toured the homes, then Motor Man met me downtown for a horse and carriage ride. We’ve done many carriage rides in other areas, but had never taken one in Smithfield.

The horse was a Percheron, and his name is Casey.  Does he look especially tall to you?  According to our driver, Casey is the second tallest horse in the world.  19 1/2 hands.


It was a beautiful day for a ride through our historic town.


After the ride,  Casey agreed to have his picture taken with me.


And with Motor Man, too.


Along with Motor Man and me on our ride was a mom and her little girl. And this little girl does love her some horses….

I took soooo many pictures of her, and her mom graciously gave me permission to share.  I ask you: is this love?


I’m glad I don’t have to choose a favorite, but this one would be in the running:


Casey was enjoying the hay she was giving him.


And the nose rubs.


I told Motor Man later that this was so much fun, perhaps I should consider childrens photography.

But only if Casey would consider moonlighting as my ‘prop’.

~These Days Of Mine~

12 responses to “A Horse, A Carriage, A New Little Friend

  1. Precious photos – maybe children’s photography…….you’re already a horse, nature, scenic photography – why not? And so GOOD at all. Our town is beautiful – no matter the season! But especially at Christmas.

  2. That is a BIG horse and that is a little girl that is smitten with him!
    Little girls and horses… ♥
    BIG girls and horses… 😀

  3. OMP – Squeals!! I wanna ride too. XOXO – Bacon

  4. Makes me miss our horse, Sweet Lizzy. Great pictures to remember a nice experience.

  5. Awesome pics .. !
    Smithfield was hopping that day !

  6. Oh my word Casey if magnificent…and in this case AWESOME…describes him. What a gentle soul and he does love having his photo taken
    The joy in that darling little girls face speaks volumes
    Hugs madi and mom

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Oh my goodness, what fun!! The pictures are delightful. Dianna. Yesterday you were asking if you were only being kind because of the Challenge, NO sweet lady. you have a kind and good heart and it shines through your pictures. NEVER doubt it again, sweet friend ❤

  8. Casey does look long-legged. I wonder who keeps track of those statistics? Sweet pics of all of you with him.

  9. So adorable! What a wonderful day filled with joy and cuteness! Hmm, now I want to go on a carriage ride.

  10. Really sweet photos of that little girl and her new friend! Gosh, I think I want to come visit you and your great little town at Christmas time. So picturesque!

  11. Casey was a great prop, and you are fantastic with a camera. It was so nice to meet you both. What a beautiful day! Really puts you in the Christmas spirit- ya know? Thanks so much!!

  12. Such a beautiful little girl and you can just see the joy in her face as she interfaces with Casey. Super photos!


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