Giddyup, Jingle Horse

Today I’m sharing one of my favorite Christmas videos, guaranteed to get your toe tapping.

Motor Man and I both thought I’d included this in a post during a previous Christmas season, but I can’t find any record of it.  And, even if so, I think it’s worthy of a rerun encore performance.


Wasn’t I right? Toes tapping?

Feel free to replay. (And to sing Jingle Bell Rock — all day. You’re welcome.)

~These Days Of Mine~

9 responses to “Giddyup, Jingle Horse

  1. Such beautiful horses and yes I’ll be singing that all day!


  2. So beautiful when they move in synchronization- wow!

  3. Thanks for a festive early morning smile. Being blessed with working with them magnificent beauties would be a song to carry in your heart all year long.
    Have a wonderfully jolly day!

  4. Thank you – my toes are tapping under my desk! I’ll be singing all day long! So, So pretty – horses and scenery!

  5. I do remember this video. It’s a keeper! I love when they trot in unison. I’m reading a book about the Lipizzaner horses saved during the war. Great history about some amazing horses. “The Perfect Horse”. They described how one man can drive a cart pulled by 4 horses. A feat not many can manage.

  6. Good way to start the day! Love it!! And yes, I’ll be singing Jingle Bell Rock all day but that’s a good thing. 🙂

  7. I absolutely love this! And, I do remember it… 🙂

  8. Always a seasonal hit !
    And, naturally, what song was playing on the radio when I got here?
    Jingle Bell Rock..
    & what’s the first line I heard?
    “Giddyup, Jingle horse, pick up your feet ..”
    a Christmas synchronicity ??

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Certainly will put you in the Christmas mood.

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