Random Five Friday

Friday again, and time for some randomness:

1.) Motor Man and I went to Indy last week for a racing industry trade show.  It’s a 12 hour drive for us, and we’ve driven it “straight through” several times over the years. This year, we broke up the trip going out there by stopping overnight in Kentucky.  I just love driving through Kentucky with its rolling hills, miles and miles of fencing and, of course, horses. This picture was around the time of sunrise.


2.) We passed through Versailles, and I had to get a picture of the town’s beautiful sign.


3.) It began snowing the night before we left Indy to come home, but thankfully, the roads weren’t affected. Since we were driving the 12 hours in one day, I helped Motor Man drive a few times. But, when he was driving, I managed to snap some pictures along the way – at 70 miles per hour.


4.)  It was imperative that we get back from the show Friday….I had a Christmas Craft Show date Saturday with my friends, Shirley and Donna. We entertained the other shoppers with our Santa hats.


5.) My Christmas preps are coming along slowly, but surely.  Christmas cards were mailed yesterday, most gifts have been bought (but not yet wrapped), and hopefully, the tree will be up and decorated this weekend.

What’s your randomness today?  Ready for Christmas?

~These Days Of Mine~

12 responses to “Random Five Friday

  1. Most of my days are random lately…..but I like that in a way – no plans – just reacting to the moment….your trip to Indy was LONG but I know you enjoyed it. YES I’m finally ready for Christmas – I hope it’s ready for ME!


  2. Love your randomness. What a GREAT sign at Versailles. My randomness today involves school getting out at noon for Christmas vacation. YAHOO!!!! Looking forward to 2 weeks without a 5:30 alarm. Cute Santa hats – we see who’s naughty!!!

  3. My random so far–is reaching into my car to get the ice scraper only to smell wine.. which instantly had me inner begging for it not to be so. But yes. Two exploded corkless wine bottles I had forgotton the night before. under the passenger seat! no glass though. But geeze. now its nearing nine and I smell like a winery.! I wont wine about it though. 😛 Love the pics.

  4. Your third photo is spectacular! I love the rolling hills and split-rail fencing too, Dianna…so peaceful.

  5. Hmmm, my randomness for today is heading to the Big City to eat Chinese. Dianna, if you haven’t already been, you must go to the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington! We had our family Christmas last Sunday so we are looking forward to our usual quiet Christmas together… they are predicting SNOW!

  6. Almost ready!
    & it looks like Christmas has just about made it to TheseDays!
    & the 3rd pic is great .. such a wide view !

  7. Almost there. Gifts to wrap and cookies to bake yet. But we’ll be celebrating Christmas later anyways since we’re awaiting the birth of our newest baby in the family. She’s due any time now! 🙂

  8. That was a long drive for you. Great to see some photos of a part of your country that I don’t know at all. Almost ready for Christmas here but the weather is very mild – not Christmassy at all.

  9. Looks like a beautiful journey. Great photos.
    Your friends and you look like Santa’s happiest elves.
    It’s great to have your holidays and Christmas so close to being finished. I have yet to wrap my gifts. I hope I can get them wrapped this weekend.. Take care. and Have a good weekend.

  10. Love the photos.

  11. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a good trip right before Christmas. The trip pics are very pretty. My Santa hat friends all look so cute. I know you all had a fun time. I too am behind in my Christmas tasks. Maybe by Christmas Eve 🙂

  12. You’ve mastered “drive-by” photography! After a road trip like that, I’d never have made it anywhere that weekend!

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