And What Is So Rare…

…as a day in….January?


These pictures were taken Wednesday around sunset.  Temps were in the upper 60’s, and I was in shirtsleeves.


Yesterday, a cold front blew through, and I do mean BLEW.  The wind actually blew one of our heavy wooden rockers off the front porch.  This morning, it’s 20 degrees cooler than yesterday morning at this time.

Such is Virginia weather….in any month.

And how is your weather?

~These Days Of Mine~

12 responses to “And What Is So Rare…

  1. Virginia is nothing if not unpredictable! It’s 41 here this morning……..


  2. Beautiful pics:) Same here in Blacksburg! Sunny and mid 60’s on Wednesday, this morning low 30’s with snow flurries and very windy! There’s an expression in Blacksburg, “if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute – it will change”…and it is absolutely true!!

  3. We experienced those howling winds too, Dianna. Now this morning, it’s freezing. Beautiful photos!

  4. We have been having very cold weather here for over a week. No snow but very frosty. Today is (allegedly) the first day of a gradual climb upwards in temperature. It’s about 3c here. At least each day is a day nearer spring.

  5. We had blustery winds yesterday too and this morning it is a chilly 25 degrees! It will be nice to see all those slips filled up again!

  6. Pennsylvania weather too. Sunday it was so warm with temps in the mid 60’s. The next day rainy and cold and now it’s snowing and we have about a couple inches on the ground already.

  7. Your beautiful pictures match the beautiful day that was yesterday. And yes, the wind blew in much COLDER temps. There was even the mention of the snow word for Monday morning.

  8. Well…we had rain in PA in the 50’s when we left yesterday and we have light snow in the 30’s today in TN! Can’t wait for SPRING!

  9. Well.. you pretty much described mine, too !
    Chilly and breezy out there today …

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Here in VA Beach it it cold and windy too. Lovely pictures.

  11. Your photos are lovely and have a winter weather story to tell for sure. It sounds like your weather is like our weather … you know, pneumonia weather… It’ll be nice one day and then the winds swoop in and bounces everything around and brings the bitter cold. it was 28° this morning. Brrrr
    Take care, stay warm and keep anchored. 😉

  12. It’s much colder here. I think that the high today was in the mid-20’s.

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